Light Up Your Holiday - Part 1 ~ Updated! 2 Tile garlands added 12-3-2012

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Uploaded: 26th Nov 2012 at 12:23 AM
Updated: 7th Dec 2012 at 6:02 AM - added 2 tile garlands
Updated: 2 tile garlands for doors and windows added. If you've already downloaded the set, the 2 tile garlands are available as a separate download. If you're just now downloading the set, the 2 tile garlands are included in the set download.

A couple of meshes were a bit hard to grab in game. This has been fixed and the file updated today 11-26-2012. If you're having trouble grabbing any of the meshes, redownload and let the files replace the ones you have in your downloads folder.

My sim Chrissy Mas (yes I am that lame when it comes to naming my sims) has spent the last few sim days outside making snow angels and building snowmen. She got to meet a cute little penguin and at one point I caught her sitting in the snow looking towards her house. We recently went shopping for new Christmas decorations and I like to believe she was looking at these:

All of these are functional. They light up!! In this set you get:
A fence garland - 2 subsets: greenery and bulbs
A door garland - same
A window garland - same
A wreath with a bow -2 subsets: greenery and bulbs/bow
Hedge lights - no greenery, just the lights

A few important things to know, with the most important thing first:

These are NOT low poly meshes. The lowest in polys is the fence garland, the highest is the door garland. Please pay attention to the listed poly counts and don't go too wild with these if you have a lower-end computer.

All will "keep buying" - so you don't need to select a mesh over and over again. This comes in handy when placing them on fences.

Speaking of fences: the fence garland is positioned to fit on the slightly taller fences. If you can shift objects, you can shift these to fit better on shorter (or even taller) fences.

No cheats are needed to place these UNLESS you want to place the fence garland under a window. Then you will need to use "moveobjects on" to place it.

The hedge lights are positioned to fit over the shorter hedge. You can use 2 sets if you want them to cover the taller hedge AND can shift objects.

The last important thing you'll need to know: the fence, door garlands, window garlands and wreath are repository. The fence garland is the MASTER, you will need that in your game for the others to work. The hedge lights are not slaved to any other mesh, so you can use them alone if you don't want any of the others.

Part 2 is HERE

Polygon Counts:
Fence garland: 620
Door garland: 3018
Window garland: 2092
Wreath: 921
Hedge lights: 1200
2 Tile door garland: 3564
2 Tile window garland: 2722

Additional Credits:
MilkShape, SimPE, PhotoShop CS2 and the company that made the garland I have waiting for me to decorate my own house with, lol.