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TS2>TS3 "Peace of Garbage" Can Conversion

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2012 at 6:31 AM
Updated: 30th Dec 2012 at 7:36 PM
I seem to be on a bit of a conversion streak at the moment.
This time I have converted the "Peace of Garbage" Can trash bin from the Sims 2 base game for your Sims to enjoy.

This is the first TS3 object that I have worked on which has involved both animation AND geostates!
The bin lid opens and closes correctly when in use by a Sim when filling or emptying it, and the geostates alter to reflect whether the bin is full or not.

I will point out that the bin is never completely empty as I felt it was odd for Sims to be able to place rubbish in it multiple times before any actually showed on the inside. You do have to tilt the camera down over the bin to see it though. This was just personal preference.

It comes with two preset designs and is fully CAStable. The first preset reflects the original colours from TS2 and the second was added just for variety. There are three channels in all - the lid, the main body, and the foot pedal.

It costs a total of ยง30, just like the original, features it's original catalogue description (and translations where present. Other translations were created using Google Translate) and can be found under the same location as any other dustbin which should be Kitchen/Waste Disposal or Appliances/Misc. Appliances.

All that's left to say now is that I hope your Sims enjoy it and if you decide to download, please remember to hit the thanks button; I can see if you like my stuff then.

Polygon Counts:
High= 619
Mid= 405
Low= N/A

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop,
SeeMyu's geostate tutorial.