Come Along Ponds!

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The Ponds were the first of the 11th Doctor's companions on the TV series Doctor Who.

The Doctor first meets Amelia when she is seven years old and disturbed by a crack in her wall (that is actually one of several cracks in the universe). He promises to return to the lonely girl in five minutes and take her with him in his time and space machine the TARDIS, but accidentally arrives twelve years later, by which time Amy has become skeptical about her "imaginary friend". However, she eventually decides to travel with him, and the duo are later joined by her fiance Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill). - Wikipedia

Amelia "Amy" Pond - Portrayed by Karen Gillan

As Amy Pond's fiancé, Rory is initially insecure because he believes Amy secretly loves the Doctor more. Later, however, he proves to be a hero in his own right and he and Amy marry. - Wikipedia

Rory "Pond" Williams - Portrayed by Arthur Darvill

No custom skins were used for either sim!
If you want Amy and Rory to look exactly like the photos, you will need the following CC, which is NOT included:

Amy Pond
- Diamond Rose hair by Elexis
- Eyebrows by Ephemera - Second one down call "E-EyebrowsLowFullstraight"
- Oh My Eyes by Escand - Default set

Amy's other hair is from the Outdoor Living Stuff Pack, her skirt is from Late Night expansion pack, and her shoes are from University Life

Rory Williams
- Eyebrow04 by Tjitateto
- Cute Short Straight Locks Conversion hair by Kiara24

Rory's top is from Pets Expansion Pack

Sliders (Only needed if you were to try to edit their faces)
- Slider hack by CmarNYC
- Head Sliders by Jonha
- Head Shape Slider by Jonha
- Chin Width Slider by GnatGoSplat
- Frown Slider by Sucreomiel
- Forehead, Mouth and Nose Sliders by aWT
- Facial Sliders by OneEuroMutt

Additional Credits:
Thank you to the people in #create and at Leefish for their valuable input!