Unlocked Lawn Parts (12 parts)

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Uploaded: 19th Jan 2015 at 1:05 AM
Updated: 11th Oct 2019 at 4:41 PM
If you want to know where to find these lawn parts and how they look in game, please watch my Youtube Video:
Bakies The Sims 4 Custom Content: Unlocked Lawn Parts

If you want to want to know how to Unlock objects yourself, please watch my Youtube Video Tutorial:
The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to Unlock objects (Debug / World ) (it's only 3.47 minutes long)

Update: 11 July 2015:
There is also a MIRRORED version for making symmetrical gardens avaible for download: Click Here
This download contains 6 mirrored parts and also got it's own youtube video: Unlocked Lawn Parts MIRRORED

Unlocked Lawn Parts 2019 version
I've updated these lawn parts so both the twelve default as the 6 mirrored versions can be found in one pack, you will have the option to choose between 16 recolors for the outside and 4 for the middle part (Grass, Dirt, Desert Sand & Beach Sand) and besides the ability to float on fountains and swimming pools, they can now also float on the ocean's water surface! (Other small things have been fixed too, like the footprints for some of them)
Click on the following link to go to this new 2019 version: CLICK HERE

Unlocked Lawn Parts
This download contains 12 packages with in each package a different lawn part. Each Lawn part has 12 recolors from stone walls that were already in-game.
These objects are totally new in buy mode, they were not even avaible with the debug cheat on.
All Lawn parts except from "CornerCutLawn" will be automatically named in game.

Sims will walk and swim around all lawn parts except from "Lawn III" and "Lawn IV". They have only a 1-tile footprint.
There have to be at least 2 tiles space between a lawn part and another object like a wall or other objects for Sims to get through.

Sims aren't able to walk / stand still on a Lawn Part, they only can go around. (Except from "Lawn III" and "Lawn IV")
Plants and or trees CAN be placed, but will be placed underneath the lawn part, so in fountains they will be placed on the bottom and on land they will be placed on the grass or sand underneath. You can however with the "bb.moveobjects on" cheat on, use the number 9 and 0 keys on your keyboard to move things up or down.
This way it's even possible to place plants/trees and/or rocks on lawn parts placed in the swimmingpool. (Thanks to coolspear1 for reminding me)

Like almost every object in game, Lawn parts can be enlarged too. On the image below you can compare the Lawn parts that are enlarged 1x with help of the gnome.
Remember that plants and trees are placed underneath the object, so with the parts with a bit of a hill, plants will be hidden for a big part.

Object information:
All objects are standalones, so they doesn't override any other objects in your game.
You can find the Lawn parts under Built mode > Trees > Bushes
They will probably appear as one of the first.
The lawn parts costs 5 Simoleons each.

Game Requirements:
The Sims 4 Full Game

I Hope you like it and will give me some credit if used in uploaded houses!
You may share my creations, but always give me credit and don't upload my creations anywhere else. Just link back to this page.

Additional Credits:
Additional Credits:
Thanks to Sims 4 Studio (Vogue) [OPEN BETA]
for making it possible to make Standalone object recolors.
Thanks Adobe for making Photoshop
Special thanks to OrangeMittens from the Sims Studio Forum for excellent support.