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UPDATED 17 Mar 2017: Please Redownload ~NEW~ Circle of Light Friendship Lamp ~ Now Available in a Table Model

861 Downloads 113 Thanks  Thanks 9 Favourited 3,513 Views
Uploaded: 19th May 2015 at 8:45 PM
Updated: 17th Mar 2017 at 8:06 PM - Fixed package so now light properly floods walls and floor.
Your Sims, young and old, will be feelin' groovy after bathing in the light of this whimsical lamp. It is slaved to the Circle of Light Friendship (Groovy) floor lamp so recolors of the floor lamp work for both.

This is not a base game lamp however, University is required.

It has two subsets just like the floor lamp, so the shades and the bases are mix or match.

Poly count: 692 (over one tile)

Number of subsets: 2

Cost is §78
This object is found in the Buy Catalog --> Lighting --> Table Lamp Category

The package colors are the same as the floor lamp, too - Orange, Green and Blue "Flower Power", as well as all White.

Also --> Coming Soon to a Mod the Sims near you...Refined recolors of the Circle of Light Friendship Floor Lamp by Michelle!

I hope you enjoy using this lamp in your game!


Polygon Counts:
692 (over one tile)

Additional Credits:
Maxis/EA ~ MTS ~ SimPE ~ CEP ~ GIMP ~ MilkShape 3D ~ UVMapper Pro

Special Thanks and Credit:
Michelle for her help, patience, and support