F1 Racing Car "Llamari 412"

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2015 at 7:51 PM
Updated: 9th Dec 2015 at 2:40 PM

Hello, friends! I'm back and this means I came here with something new again. This time, it will be the exclusive thing for The Sims 3.
Welcome, Formula-1 racing car Llamari 412. You may say - WTF? I decided some trolling Ferrari, so you may find the Llama on the emblem instead of horse.
Actually this little surrealism didn't affect on it's speed, power and other excellent qualities.

This car may become the really excellent present to your sims who has the fire in blood, need of speed, racing lovers, and even the old woman who decided to revive the old.
As you maybe know, the construction of this vehicles is unique, and that gives so good aerodynamics, even pilots can fit into the turn without slowing down.
So your sims can feel the adrenalin when they sitting in one little cockpit, feel the power of this car, one on one with the car and racing track full of dangerous turns!
Also this car may give the idea to creators of The Sims 3 worlds and some day we will see the autodromes with racing tracks, to let your sims have the competition with each others!

Enough words! Let's race!!! Take this car now! And let your sim win the race!

- You recieve the vehicle with two recolors included. I have the plans to make some more recolors, so follow me and check this theme for UPDATES;
- The car is not available to recolor manually. Sorry, friends, it's the exclusive and must stay it so;
- The car has no lights. Well, usually this cars don't use for race on nights;
- The car has the one sitting place for pilot.
- All labels on car are on simlish
- The name and description translated for all languages available in game.

In-Game Name: Racing Formula 1 car,
Price: 729000 simoleons,
Catalog Location: Buy Mode, Vehicles, Cars.

Enjoy! And be careful!

Polygon Counts:
HLOD: 7228 poly
MLOD: 6830 poly
LLOD: 5221 poly