Computer "Karkulator-80"

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Uploaded 18th Feb 2015 at 2:09 AM · Updated 11th Feb 2018 at 2:01 PM by Stanislav

Hello! Here's my first object made for The Sims 4.

In-game legend: This machine was invented two enthusiasts from Berkeley. All machines are hand-built. Reliable operation of the product is guaranteed with careful handling.
As you could understand this is some reference to Steve Jobs and Steve Voznyak, today well-known as the founders of Apple Corp. They invented their first computer in Berkley. Of cause Apple 1 was looked not so, but I guess it's not important. I used the computer LISA as the prototype for this computer.

I used the primitive textures for this computer, just because The Sims 4 has the another specifical style, and if make the textures too detalised or complex geometry, it might disturb the style. But I think with this primitive textures this computer looks good.

- The complectation has the computer with 5 recolors. You may find all of them on screenshots.
- The name and description translated on all languages in game.

In Game: Computer "Karkulyator-80";
Price: 400 simoleons;
Catalog Location: Buy mode, Electronics, Computers;

Polygon Counts:
HLOD: 495 poly
MLOD: 351 poly

Additional Credits:
Enjoy the game. Thanks all.