Snow wall effect, updated on 09.12.2015

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Uploaded: 3rd Dec 2015 at 11:19 PM
Updated: 9th Dec 2015 at 10:24 PM - Update: add new file, text discription and 5 pictures
Update on 09.12.2015:
Please download again.
The updated package has the same name like the old one. Just replace it with old one. If you have already used the former vision in your building, the items will not be lost because of update.

What is changed?
1. Fixed two textures No. 9 and 11
because of an issue of a very thin white line over it, which can be seen from some angles.
These two texture are now slighly higher, so that those kind of floating thin line go invisible.
Build tip: See "Artrui_snow wall effect_update_build tip.jpg" above in the top frame
If you put these lower edge decoration on the ground of F1 wall, there is a thin rift between the snow wall decals and floor. If you want this detail looks better, you can:
- build a basement under it; enable MOO cheats: move it slightly downward; stop there with the lighting still from outdoor -- like my before-after example
- or put some decorations (plants, stone...) before it.

2. Added 17 new textures
See "Artrui_snow wall effect_updated_17 varieties.jpg" above in the top frame
For a rectangular corner: 13
For top edge (decorating roof corner, column etc.): 14-19 (use MOO cheat) -- see my updated example 1 and example 2
For lower edge with thick snow: 20, 25
For lower edge with smooth snow: 29
For lower corner: 21, 22
For door: 23, 24 (use MOO cheat)
Snow dots for decorating no flat surface: 26-28 -- see my updated example 3

With these Snow Wall Effect base element add-on stuffs, you will have more possibilities to decorate a snow scene.

Idea: It will be a new look to mix the snowflakes form Snow Wall Effect 4 and the snow particles from this set. see "Artrui_snow wall effect_updated_example 1.jpg"


This is a wall decal in 12 varieties. This means that you can use it to decorate all kind of walls.
It helps builder to make winter effect without changing wallpapers.

You will find it under decoration/painting.
Cost: 1

The 12 snow wall effect textures are sorted after the order which is indicated here:

For top edge: 3, 4, 7, 8, 10
For lower edge: 1, 2, 9, 11
Snow particles: 5, 6
For a rectangular corner 12

I've made it's oringinal size small, so that one can resize it and put them together in different possibilities. Hold "Alt", one can move it off grid.

Here is an example to make snow in air effect:
- enable MOO cheat (If you use MOO cheat, you can place this wall decal free on the floor. )
- Enlarge the snow particles five to seven times and place where you want.
- repeat several times to make some layers of this snow effect.
Advantage: the snow doesn't block the way. Sims can stand among these snowflakes.
(Sorry, I should let her wear warm. I haven't time to mod her. It is just a test. But she is perhaps the first sims 4 girl for going outside while it is "snowing", isn't it? )
Have fun with my works!

Additional Credits:
Sims4Stuido, Photoshop and for recolor
Other cc used in screenshots:
Ivy by Veranka
Ivy and Luna roses by MsTeaQueen
Mega Column, liberated stones and plants by Plasticbox
Tadao-Plant by DalaiLama
Lantern by Loree
First Snow mod by SimCookie
Forestgreen items by Artrui