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Rock bar set - Maxis mesh edit

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Uploaded 19th Dec 2015 at 2:20 AM · Updated 19th Dec 2015 at 9:06 AM by artrui : Text

Hi, there are three items in this set:

Rock bar
- Mesh edit of "glade cliff 02"
- Footprint size: 2x2 (the bar is a little longer as the footprint, so that it can be joined with other rock-items)
- has slots like a 2x2 bar, but in different heights and floor positions
I like to find new idea to mod the game. The feature of this rock bar is that the glases can be put on the nature stone surfaces in different heights. The bar is functional, but is not perfect. The animation of drinking, eating and reading by sitting at the bar looks bit odd -- the sims place the glas/plate in wrong poition, and, they grab the foods with straight arm. The other actions around the bar (e.g. mix drinks, serve drinks, order drinks) are all ok.

Two rock bar stools
- Mesh edit of "Boulder large 01" (that Maxis item is extrem big.)
- Footprint size: 1x1 (The back parts of the two bar stools are out of footprint.)
There is suitable space for legs between the bar stools and bar. The rock bar stools are heighter as the rock chairs, so dass Sims have also different seat-heights. The unterground part of these two bar stool are not flat, like my Rock Seats set. They can also be placed it to the edge of pool, and, be heightend to make scene like sit on the edge of a cliff.

Here is a comparison of this set with my other two kinds rock update. There are more possiblities to combine these rock elements.

You will find it under buy mode and under build mode/rock
Cost: 1

Polygon Counts:
bar: 1392
2 bar stools: 286

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studio and blender for mesh edit
Sims4Studion forum
liberated rocks by plasticbox in screenshot
Photoshop for adding text in screenshots

Tags: #nature, #rock, #maxis add-on, #camping, #build stuff