Ruin Stairs Seats

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Uploaded: 10th Jan 2016 at 6:57 AM

While I was making my Ruined Stairs Edit, I had also an idea to make invisible seats on that stairs and also on all kinds of Sims 4 stairs!
The point is: first, I want Sims sit there what I want. Thus, I've made 3 single seats for 1 step high, 2 steps high and 4 steps high stairs sitting.
Second, although Sims are sitting on the stairs, the stairs must be go through-able.
Third, it should be easy to place and to use.
Forth, it doesn't disturb the whole landscape of the building.
I am happy that all the points are filled.

How to place the stairs seats?
Please see the screenshots below:
- Choose a stairs seat under Buy mode/Comfort/living chair. The thumbnails of these seats have similar pictures like these below.
- Place the stone in grid near the stairs in the position below. The green footprint helps by orientation of that position.
- By holding the stone, you can see a small rectangular surface on stairs in other color. That is the seat surface. After you have released the stone, this seat surface will be hidden in stairs.
* You see, it's my intention to let the seat position slightly beside the middle axis of the stairs. Even on a one grid wide and 4 steps high stairs can three sims sit at the same time.

How to use the stairs seats?
- click the stone to let Sims sit down. Sims will at first go to the position of that stone. Then, sit down on stairs.
* The seat-stones have the same shape like the separated stones from my "Useful ruin stairs" set. These seat-stones are just smaller. They use also the same textures I used for edited ruin stairs.
- If later you forget where are the seat-Stones, zoom out, you will see that the seat-stones become bigger - so big like the go-through stones from "Useful ruin stairs" set.

Different sit pose
Three stairs seat has three different sit poses for adult and three other sit poses for child. These are not cc poses. I haven't used any cc pose in these screenshots. The legs positions are different. That's because of the seats.

Different sit-together possibilities:
- If the stairs are high, you can also raise up the stairs seat to let Sims sit on other height. I hope that you don't mind the little stone floating in air. If you mind, choose one of my go-through objects to cover it partly. The one grid foot print of the seat-stone works like a standard seat. If you cover it with no go-through objects, Sims can not take that seat.
- combine stairs seat 1 and 2, for example, you can let a Sim sit on the knee of an other Sim.
Note: Sit near to each other causes partly overlapping of their body. But sometimes, you can get very nice screenshots.

Free stairs way
If you put the stairs seats in my suggested positions, you need not remove the seat-stones to make the stairs way free. Don't wonder that a Sim will use the stairs, even two other sims are sitting on that narrow stairs.

Price: 1
Comfort: 10 (Not so bad to sit on stairs, yes?)

Polygon Counts:
Stairs seat 1: 96
Stairs seat 2: 96
Stairs seat 3: 42

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 studio, Blender, Photoshop,
Thanks Design4Sims over Sims4Studio help me to know how to fix rigging.
Thanks for the inspiration "Sit on stairs Mod" from lumialoversims.
Liberated Castle Ruins Stuffs by conceptdesign97sims (with some edit by me) used in screenshots.
Started with request from CandelariaWhitechapel.