Useful ruin stairs

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Uploaded: 10th Jan 2016 at 3:57 AM
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How nice are the ruins stuffs from Sims 4 EP Get Together. Especially do I like the "Ruined Stairs" so much. Sadly, this GT item is a sculputre and it is not in the same size like a functional stairs. Thus, I've made it as useful build material.

- Not stairs, but stairs "coat".
It was not easy to make a exactly shape to match Sims 4 stairs size, inasmuch as there is no stairs model I can export from game. I've switched between the stairs mesh edit in blender, in S4S and in game test more times... Now, I can finnaly say that my stairs can be put exactly over those stairs in game. (put in grid, with enable MOO cheat).
- complete go-through-able
The edited stairs, inclusive the separated Pilar and stones don't block any action of Sims (like my "Rock go through" set). So that, if you use them to decorate stairs, the stais is still functional. If you put them on the ground of pool (must not enable MOO cheat), it don't block the swim way.
- separated building blocks
- Textures fix

Here is an build example:
You can use the 4 steps stairs to build a long stairs way. Just raise the next stairs 10 times (more) up and put it in grid.
A game stairs in height of a wall (low) use 4 x my 4-steps-stairs.

Textures edit:
I have also painted the textures around the separated location between the stairs and pilar. Furthermore, all items have 8 colors to match GT ruins stuffs + 3 new colors (reddish brown, black and white) to match a groupe of game rocks and some GT floors.

- base game compitable
- find under build mode/pool/pool accessories. Cost of each: 1
- all color swatches have the same order

Polygon Counts:
Artrui Ruin go through 1: 392
Artrui Ruin go through 2: 166
Artrui Ruin go through 3: 82
Artrui Ruin go through 4: 28
Artrui Ruin go through 5: 392

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 studio, Blender, Photoshop,
Liberated Castle Ruins Stuffs by conceptdesign97sims (with some edit by me) used in screenshots
Request from CandelariaWhitechapel and thanks for some suggestions