Japanese Low Dining Table (TS2 Bon Voyage)

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Uploaded 21st Jun 2016 at 11:31 AM · Updated 22nd Jun 2016 at 10:52 PM by Naus Allien

UPDATE: I changed the script for the pillow. Now it should be as an unobservable as pillows should, i.e. it should behave like a rug and not a sculpture. Thanks to Arsil for reminding me.

It's been ages since I've uploaded something. I've been creating stuff, but sometimes I'm too hard on myself and I don't upload my work because I want it to be perfect. Well, perfection is overrated. Inspired by Arsil's new mod, I'm bringing you a modified version of The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Tea Table. You need to install Arsil's mod in order for the table to work. I'm also including the pillow as a separate, single object so you can either use it with this table or wherever you want.

REQUIREMENT: Arsil's Japanese Low Dinner Table mod → http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=578584

* The pillow does not require anything.

The Process:
Since this table was designed to be used as a tea table, I needed to remove all tea-related elements. I also needed to modify the mesh heavely so it would fit Arsil's animations (which required the mesh to be more or less the size of a 1x1 coffee table). After that, I encounter some problems related to the placement and thanks to Arsil's help I was able to spot them and fix them. It turns out it was not my fault but a bug related to bone assignments when exporting meshes with TSRW. Textures are not as perfect as I would like, mainly the legs. Since I had to increase the height of the table, there was no way this could be fixed, unless I redid the whole UV mapping, which was a lot of work. As a result, certain pattern won't look very good. But as I said, perfection is overrated.
The pillow works 100% like a rug (even though the base object was a sculpture) so you can place it anywhere you could place a rug. Sims would walk all over it.

Both objects are fully castable and they have one channel:

Catalog Locations:

Dining Table:
Sort by Room -> Dining room -> Dining tables
Sort by Function -> Tables -> Miscellaneous Tables

Sort by Function -> Decor -> Rugs

Closer look and CASt Info:

Base Preset:

CASt Showcase:

Catalog description / presets:

Polygon Counts:
High Detail Mesh: 1219
Low Detail Mesh: 969

High Detail Mesh: 185
Low Detail Mesh: 90

Additional Credits:
- Arsil for making an amazing and inspiring mod
- TSR Workshop
- Milkshape 3D
- Photoshop
- Maxis/EA for the base mesh and UV mapping.