Ophelia’s Starter – a small Moroccan house (no CC)

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Uploaded: 29th Nov 2016 at 12:52 AM
Updated: 13th Dec 2016 at 5:04 PM
Well, this house doesn’t have anything to do with Ophelia Nigmos unlike the previous one, but it’s a part of the series – I decided to build a starter house and a 2+1 one in the same style. This time I was restricted with money and couldn’t go crazy with landscaping (), but I tried to do at least something with the garden so it looks somewhat interesting. The house itself is tiny so I could afford a few plants.

Again, everything seems accessible and usable for sims (I was worried about the diagonal mirror, but I tested it with a sim and he could practice speech without any complaints), and the lot was packed before any testing, so it’s completely clean and no sims are linked to it. And like before, I didn’t use any CC.

Edit: There was a a small hole in the carpet under the sofa (or more accurately, a quarter of a floor tile was still wood), I didn’t notice it while building and shrinking images, but I fixed it now and updated the file and the pictures.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): §19961

Additional Credits:
Nopke – for a mod that removes the red pause frame.