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MTS 2017 Calendar for The sims 4

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Uploaded 21st Jan 2017 at 12:07 AM · Updated 8th Feb 2017 at 3:39 PM by Greenplumbbob

This is the official 2017 MTS calendar for Sims 4! You don't need HugeLunatic's 2015 calendar to make it work because it's not a recolour, but of course, if you love our calendars, feel free to download that one as well! :D

The calendar comes with 12 swatches, which you can choose by clicking on a swatch! All swatches have a custom thumbnail. If you're not sure which thumbnail goes with which month, then the correct order is from top to bottom, starting at the right side of the swatches bar!

Other info about the calendar:

- Price: 50 simoleons

- Catalog location: Decorations>Paintings

- In-game name: Official MTS 2017 Calendar

- Description: Winning images (in order) by: Charmful, Pary, joandsarah77, simsample, clw8, Essa, gdayars, Averex, AngieMFAK77, N_Fluen$e, Zarathustra, and Spladoum!

And of course a big thank you and congratulations to our winners this year of the Calendar Contest: Winning images (in order) by:

And of course a big thanks to HugeLunatic for the mesh and Plasticbox for making the previous version! ^-^

Polygon Counts:
All lods: 136 polygons, 279 Vertices

Style: Not Applicable
Room: Kitchen Living Dining Bedroom Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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