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Lot Trait Needs

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Uploaded: 8th Oct 2017 at 5:50 PM
This adds a selection of lot traits to the (base)game that allow you to eliminate a particular need on that lot:
  • Arid - Bladder
  • Hermitage - Social
  • Manna - Hunger
  • Pleasing - Fun
  • Immaculate - Hygiene
  • Invigorating - Energy

All sims on the lot will have the designated need fulfilled:
  • Lot traits are a weak interaction compared to sim traits and object interactions, so those may override the need decay
  • A negative version of this mod is possible - but it would kill.
  • When the lot has more then one of these assigned, all of them will be active.

In all however, it allows for real hermit's place and basically all sorts of other magical locations.

Feel free to expand and improve on this if you want to, just don't claim you made it.
Yes, this can be used to (or be considered a) cheat. I leave it up to you if you want to do so.