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Simulation Lag Fix - Updated 8-24-18

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Uploaded 25th Aug 2018 at 6:25 PM · Updated 26th Aug 2018 at 8:33 PM by Xerox

This is an update to simmythesim's Simulation Lag Fix for the latest version.

As simmythesim's post description of what it does:

"This mod alters the game's simulation so that sim autonomy does not cause massive simulation lag in instances where there are many autonomy requests.

This should eliminate, or at the very least, alleviate, the following problems:
sims head bobbing, sims doing nothing for a few hours, time slowing down on Speed 3, and time going back to the past.

Mod Explanation

This seems rather basic, but here's a video showing a scientist experimenting in GTW without the mod...

here it is in game working as of 8-26-18:

Everything runs much more frequently now, preventing the "bobbing head" effect. I haven't experienced any time rolling-back since I made the mod!

This mod overrides the following python functions:


Unzip the mod files into your mods folder. Make sure script mods and custom content is enabled in your game!

Additional Credits:
simmythesim for the original mod.

Type: Fixed

Tags: #Simulation, #Lag, #Fix