Sunshine Estate by Chax (TS4 conv)

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Uploaded: 4th Oct 2018 at 5:36 AM
Updated: 22nd Nov 2018 at 8:40 PM
Lot Information:
This is a beautiful modern contemporary residential by MTS creator Chax for TS4. I love it so much I converted it to TS3 with permission. I've always liked modern buildings and designs, but this one really caught my attention and I've learned a lot from it that I incorporated some of the styles into my design mindset. Particularly I am a very digital and logical thinker, where everything must be OCD put in order. I was very interested in the abstract interior decorations, placing chairs/seats off grid etc... However, there are still limitations to my OCD, such as having the same furniture types and colors/textures in the same room etc...

This residential is listed as 4 BR and 4BA. However, I never have a need for that much bedrooms, so I converted the downstair bedroom into a private gym, spa, and sauna, leaving 3 BR on the top floor. If you like to convert it back, this bedroom looks identical to the one upstairs right above it. I still listed this as 4 BR, b/c I left the walk-in closet in the design so it doesn't look like a remodel, simply rearrangement to the room like you would in real life.

I don't remember why I placed the lot on such a weird lot size. The building has some empty space in the back. I left it blank for your convenience if you want to use it to match the locale you wish to place it such as - a desert, a forest, or if you have a horse, you can build a small ranch.

Hope you will enjoy this as much as I have.

Lot Size: 47x36
Lot Price (furnished): 201217
Lot Price (unfurnished): 29187

Chax never uploaded her finished version, so I do not have one to post the comparison. I only have an unfinished floor plan from her 1st floor to compare.

Floor Plans:
First Floor:

Second Floor:


First Floor:

Second Floor:

EP List:
Listed EPs are what I have, though not necessarily needed. This is a residential, so you really only need basegame, all other objects are optional and will be replaced if you do not have them. The only one that will make a major difference is the glass ceiling/roof for the outdoor patio, you will need ITF.

CC List:
Store Objects: Completely optional. They're for functionality, if you don't have it, you simply won't have these functions.
* Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill - TS3 Store (Link) One in the kitchen and one in the patio.
* Professional Series Kitchen Light Plus - TS3 Store for Business as Usual Bistro (Link) Lights above the stove in kitchen.
* Infinite Zen Massage Table - TS3 Store. (Link) Used in the gym/spa
* Steam-it-up Sauna - TS3 Store. (Link) Sauna room.
* Contemporary Curtains by Dave - TS3 Store Lucky Palm. (Link) Unfortunately, I use this curtain a lot in this lot. But again, it is just for deco.
* The Clever Curtain - TS3 Store Serenity Retreat. (Link) Likewise I use this curtain a lot in this lot. But it is also deco.

Custom Contents: They're all optional, mostly for deco.
* "Dandelion collection 2" by Devirose TSR. (Link) 3 paintings in the entry vestibule.
* "Doorsliding Single with glass" - by Lisen, Download at MTS (Link) Used a couple of times for the walk in closets and the sauna's bathroom door.
* "P3 and P4 light" by Dot, download at TSR. (P4 Link) (P3 Link) These are ceiling lights, I use them quite often.
* "glass tile 4x12" - By Lisa 86, Download at TSR (Link). Used twice on the 2nd floor as wall extensions.
* "auto-breeze ceiling fan" by Cmomoney, Available Free at MTS. (Link) Ceiling Fan used a few times in this lot.
* "Art Nouveau Armchair" by ShinoKRC at TSR. (Link) Used in the dining room. This object requires TSR pet fix (Link)
* "pacific cushion" by cazarupt at TSR. (Link) Couch cushion used on some of the sofa.
* "Modern Flower Rug 6" by Devirose at TSR. (Link) Beautiful rug used in the living area next to front door.
* "Caramello Rug 4" by Devirose at TSR. (Link) Beautiful rug used in the tv area upstairs.

Additional Credits:
MTS creator Chax for the original design.