K&B Short Headband Hair for Women of All Ages!

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2021 at 6:20 PM
So, I received a request earlier this week on Tumblr for converting this hairstyle from The Sims 2 Kitchen&Bath Stuff Pack for all ages.

Since I couldn't find any existing age conversions (which I couldn't believe? Lol. Because nearly all the other hairstyles have been converted and are available for download here by Layana.), I decided to give it a go myself!

I think it looks very cute on toddlers and children, so I really started questioning EA's decision of making this hairstyle available for adults and elders only.... just... why EA?

Anyway, at least it's available for all ages now, right? And that's what matters. Lol.

This comes in 2 versions (only choose one! DONT use them together).

- "All 5 Recolors" version, which is much like the original EA hairstyles. You get 5 individual hairband recolors (pink, teal, brown, green, purple) for every hair color (black, brown, blond, red, grey). Meaning, 25 recolors in total!

Note: All linked to EA's hair textures and binned to EA's hair families, which is why, TS2 Kitchen&Bath Stuff Pack is required for these hair recolors to work!

- "One Recolor Only" version, which HIDES the 4 additional hairband recolors for each hair color, so that there's only ONE hairband recolor for each hairstyle. Pink hairband for black hair, teal hairband for brown hair, brown hairband for blond hair, green hairband for red hair and finally, purple hairband for grey hair!

Note: I made a new hair family, so it's binned in the way as described above. But the hair textures are still linked to EA's. Which is why you still need TS2 Kitchen&Bath SP for these hair recolors to work!

To install, decide which version you'd like to have in-game and then put the files into your Downloads folder (or in a subfolder within the Downloads folder). These hairs have been decustomized, so do NOT use the delete button in CAS/BodyShop. This may break your game files.
Alternatively, you can put these into your Program Files/EA Games/(latest EP or SP)/TSData/Res/Catalog/Skins to disable the delete button.

That's it for now... :p
I hope you like this hair!

Polygon Counts:
The polygon counts for all three meshes (teen, child, toddler) are all the same as EA's adult hair mesh. No new faces or vertices have been added. It has only been resized to fit the heads of the corresponding ages, therefore...

Faces=1264, Vertices= 846

Additional Credits:
- CatOfEvilGenius's Quick Easy Hair Binner
- Cmar's Meshing Toolkit
- Milkshape
- SimPE - Last but not least, the anonymous person on Tumblr who requested me to do this, lol. So, if you see this, well.. I made this for you!