Sedona Deluxe - A Neighborhood Mashup Project - No CC/UC Required

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2021 at 11:19 PM
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Hi everyone! Remember our old neighborhood named Sedona we've uploaded YEARS ago? It sure has aged over the past few years, lol! And until recently, a new interpretation of the long lost EA neighborhood was created by aondaneedles, check it out here! It's amazing and includes some iconic families to play with! :lovestruc

And yeah, by the introduction text, you might have guessed, that we collaborated to present you the MASHUP version of the two Sedonas! Ever wanted to play in HBG's Sedona, but wished there were more sims with different storylines to play with? Or you loved playing in Aonda's Sedona, but wished to have the alien twin drama from our original Sedona in there? WELL... now, you can!

Welcome to Sedona!

A small town nestled in the hills near Road to Nowhere, Sedona was once a sprawling mining town. But after a deadly accident happened that forced the mine to close, almost everyone fled the small town. Those who stayed try to keep their hometown afloat, but now little more than a speck of dust on the map, is it even worth saving Sedona? Or should the remaining residents try their luck elsewhere?

Not only can you play the two neighborhood storylines in one hood now, but we've also introduced some interesting NEW characters, such as some distant relatives of the Strangetown playables... since, well, Sedona is obviously not that far from Strangetown, is it? Anyway, let us present you the families of Sedona!

And yes! Sedona was actually originally intended to be a premade neighborhood, alongside Riverside and Waterside. See here more info on Unreleased Neighborhoods. This is also why, it has a fancy fly-over video, we're pretty proud of... even though, we weren't really involved in coding that, lol! Make sure to check it out once you load Sedona.

Neighborhood Info:
* No CC & All EPs/SPs required

- Built on EA's Sedona.sc4 map, so, there's no need for a camera mod to see all the lots in the neighborhood.
- Neighborhood ID number: 251
- Neighborhood folder name: SHBA (or SHBS, if you download the subhood)

To install, download and extract the files and then put them into the following places:
- Main Hood Version:
-- Put the folder 'SHBA' into your Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods

-Subhood Version:
-- Put the folder 'SHBS' into your Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Open For Business\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate

Note: If you have The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection, put it here instead:
Program Files\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Best of Business\EP3\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate

Lot Info:
* Includes 18 lots in total:

- 11 Residential Lots:
-- 10 Jackson Street | 30x20 | §96,560
-- 13 Grim Street | 30x30 | §80,154
-- 25 Sedona Lane | 30x20 | §54,307
-- 30 Sedona Lane | 30x20 | §21,950
-- Old Fire Station | 20x20 | §52,200
-- 228 Milky Way Lane | 30x20 | §68,213
-- 30 Pinwheel End | 30x20 | §71,480
-- 77 Road to Andromeda | 30x20 | §74,636
-- 1127 Sombrero Highway | 20x20 | §60,423
-- 15 Jackson Street | 30x20 | §17,604
-- 35 Sedona Lane | 20x20 | §11,858

- 1 Apartment Lot:
-- Blue Flamingo Motel | 20x20 | §40,379

- 6 Community Lots:
-- Joe's | 20x20 | §42,251
-- The Old Gas Station | 20x20 | §52,910
-- Red Diner | 20x20 | §55,005
-- Sedona Dog Park | 30x20 | §19,466
-- The Bone Yard | 20x20 | §14,150
-- Crash Site | 20x20 | §5,666

See the archive information for more info (such as prices, names etc.) for each individual lot.

Sim Info:
* Includes 10 families in total:

- The Jackson Family: (3 sims)
-- Carl (elder male), Linda (elder female) and their son Tanner (teen male)
- The Campbell Family: (2 sims)
-- Christine (elder female) and her granddaughter Nicole (teen female)
- The Grimes Family: (3 sims and 1 pet)
-- Mike (adult male), his sons Brett (adult male) and Scott (teen male) and their dog Ranger (elder male)
- The Jones Family: (2 sims and 1 pet)
-- Holly (adult female), her daughter Alexis (baby girl) and their cat Mittens (adult female)
- The Styx Family: 1 sim and 1 pet:
-- Galatea (adult female) and her dog Zadie (adult female)
- The Gauthier Family: (2 sims)
-- Jennifer (adult female) and her daughter Audrey (teen female)
- The Dawn Family: (2 sims)
-- Karma Dawn (elder female) and her new roommate Phil Collensworth (adult male)
- The Lari Family: (1 sim and 1 pet)
-- Tarek (adult male) and his spoiled cat Bastet (adult female)
- The Atkins Family: (1 sim and 1 pet)
-- Aaron (adult male) and his dog Romeo (adult male)
- The Spurlock Family: (2 sims)
-- Jared Spurlock (adult male) and his bandmate May Vandermogan (adult female)

In other words, there are 19 playable sims, 5 pets and additional 21 dead sims, 5 townies, 7 NPCs; while all of them have been given custom skills, memories, hobbies and relationships!

See the archive information for more info (such as bios, ages etc.) for each individual sim.

Wanna have a glimpse into the lives of these sims? Check out aondaneedles' introduction posts, tagged with hashtags #introducing sedona (deluxe) or #mashupsedona for more pictures and little stories! Click here!

Additional Info & Known Issues
* Things we've noticed during neighborhood development.

- IMPORTANT! You might not be able to fill in the holes on the Campbell lot.
Use move_objects on to remove them instead. You will temporarily experience a small terrain glitch. Either save the lot, exit and reload the lot or just cover the affected tiles with flooring (you can undo it immediately after) to remove the glitch. We decided to keep the holes even though they cause this small harmless glitch as they are story-relevant and change the lot’s environment score.

- For some unknown reason, a dead male teen (Luis Hernandez) shows up in the “Townie” household on modded objects like SimBlender or Teleporter Shrub/Cat. This is a harmless bug, though. We tried to fix him by adding him back to the Default household, but then, the game made him a “Townie” again. So, it’s kinda unfixable? He is still dead, adding him to the family will do nothing (he will fade away once you press play). The neighborhood should still be safe to play, so don’t worry about it. I’ve seen it happen in EA’s neighborhoods as well (ie Cornelia Goth in Pleasantview)

- You will need every expansion pack and stuff pack (you might be able to skip a few, but Mansion and Garden is required). The Ultimate Collection includes all of those, so it is compatible.

- If you download the subhood version, you’ll find the Gauthiers in the family bin (since it’s very unsafe to create subhoods with apartment residents). Simply move them into the Blue Flamingo again. You can simply use the boolProp cheat and shift-click on the apartment to rent their apartment (the 2 bedroom one) furnished

- Also in the subhood version, the game renames every townie/NPC when you add a subhood to a neighborhood.. which is bad, since we’ve included some Easter Eggs (some townies/NPCs are supposed to represent distant relatives of the Strangetown sims).The only way to fix this is by using mods, such as the Sim Blender or SimPE to rename them correctly. We’ve included a list with pictures, so you can do that easily after adding Sedona as a subhood.

- If you experience any missing tombstones in the 2 graveyard lots afterwards, try running Mootilda's HoodChecker to retrieve the tombstones. This is a known bug in the game which is not related to the neighborhood. It usually happens if you have two neighborhoods with the same ID number installed. We set Sedona’s ID number to be high (251), which should prevent conflicts, hopefully!

- If you experience any missing tombstones, try running Mootilda’s HoodChecker to retrieve the tombstones. This is a known bug in the game which is not related to the neighborhood. It usually happens if you have two neighborhoods with the same ID number installed. We set Sedona’s ID number to be high (251), which should prevent conflicts, hopefully!

Recommended Mods
* These lists of mods are NOT required in order to play in this neighborhood, but are recommended for gameplay in this neighborhood.

- If you’re not okay with 2nd cousins once removed potentially hooking up, get a mod that treats extended family like family.

- To water inaccessible flowers/ trim inaccessible bushes, you may find these two mods useful.

- We've given the townies some custom memories to represent their backstory... so if you want to keep them, we recommend you getting Townie Move In No Memory Loss mod to prevent amnesia.

- To prevent unwanted townies from spawning, we recommend you follow this and this tutorial It’s a good idea to do this regardless, as it prevents all of the Maxis townies from spawning in each of your new hood.

- If you download the subhood version, you’ll need Fix Suhood Selection mod to be able to add it to your hoods.

- For further info, check out the original upload threads of the standalone neighborhoods here (HBG) and here (aondaneedles)

Let us know, what you did in your Sedona! We'd be more than happy to see what you did and how you continued our stories! We hope you enjoy this neighborhood mashup as much as we enjoyed putting it together! Have fun! :lovestruc

Credit goes to the original lot creators which include HBG members

- CatherineTCJD (for Aaron's house),
- M.M.A.A (for Tarek's house),
- marka93 (for Phil's house),
- HugeLunatic and litlegothcat13 (for Jared's house)

And letting us use their lots and sims which we updated/renovated to all EPs/SPs, where also CatherineTCJD helped us renovating Tarek's and Aaron's house respectively.

These lots have then been placed into aondaneedles's version of Sedona, which was then once again slightly edited, to include a few of HBG's Sedona's landmarks, such as the windmills.. and secret UFO crash lot!

- Mootilda for her various tools and tutorials on how to create a custom neighborhood. We cannot thank her enough for making things like creation of custom subhoods possible in the first place!

- Anyone also involved in the creation of the original two Sedonas. Thank you very much for your help, we greatly appreciate it! ^^

~ ~ ~