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Sinsan- Unpopulated Neighbourhood

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2021 at 7:19 PM
Updated: 3rd Aug 2021 at 9:30 AM
Sinsan- A town in a woodland valley.

Sinsan is a decorated main neighbourhood with residential and community lots. There are no sims and no subhoods.

It is made using all EPs and SPs on a fully patched game. You will need a patched game with all EPs and SPs, or else the Ultimate Collection, to play this neighbourhood.

There is no custom content in this neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood ID: SSIN; UID 2114
Terrain type Lush

10 Community lots
11 Residential Lots

A sample of the lots

Four Winds Pagoda
There is a photo booth on the seventh floor. Woohoo!

Winter Garden
Apparently, the shrine is rigged.

Basho Hot Spring
The hot spring has therapeutic properties; please don't pee in it!

Blue Dragon Beach (Beach Lot)
Please do not get sand in the swimming pool.

Momo's Coffee
The statue never talks, unless you steal his money.

4 Northwind Way
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom; §13,632

4 Eastwind Way
3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom; §19,413

4 Southwind Way
3 bedroom, 2 bathroom; §46,115

2 Westwind Way
3 bedroom, 3 bathroom; §90,008

1 Forest Road
Open-plan living- 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom; §108,048

Known issues:
To edit the Four Winds Pagoda lot highest levels you will need to use the cheat 'SetHighestAllowedLevel 10'

The Nine Gates Hotel is zoned as a Hotel; your sims will be able to visit, check in and sleep there, but not save the game until they leave the lot. Ordinary townies may show up there, but if you either add a vacation subhood, or else spawn some tourist sims, then these have a chance to turn up and check-in to a room.

Recommended mods:
Bamboo texture fix by me
Allow souvenirs in non-vacation hoods by Lord Darcy
Colour Enabler Package by Numenor (without this, the public toilets will be the wrong colour)
CEP Extra Qube by HugeLunatic (without this, the qube tables will be the wrong colour)
I used my own modded camera parameters to build this neighbourhood. It is recommended, but not necessary, to use a camera mod to play. There are several available on this site.

Mods used in the creation of Sinsan:
Momo's Coffee and So! Noodles lots were built using Sunnyside 1X1 community lots by Aelflaed
Hood lighting remedy by Criquette
Unlocked career rewards by SophieDavid
Hood Deco allowed in lots by SaraMK
More Hood Deco allowed in lots by Zazazu
Colour Enabler Package by Numenor
CEP Extra Qube by HugeLunatic
Unlocked buyable items by HugeLunatic
Notownieregen by JM Pescado
You do not need to download these to play Sinsan.

Mods used in the creation of the images of Sinsan:
Pond and sea water overhaul by Voeille
Radiance lighting by dDefinder and GunMod
You do not need to download these to play Sinsan.

Credit and Thanks

Special thanks to Tashiketh for Modthesims, and to all of the people who have discovered the inner workings of the game and written tools and tutorials to help people like me.

Haha to Sim Sample who died several times during the testing of this neighbourhood.

Huge thanks to Gary Numan, Greta Van Fleet, Level 42 and Rush for the music I listened to when creating this neighbourhood.