Occult shop *updated march 31, 2006*

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this was requested by Wiccadwitch ages ago
a little set to make an occult shop, 7 meshes

All of the following are made with Blender 3d, UVMapper, PSP8 and SimPE 0.44
They are EP-ready and, with a little luck, work in all versions of the game.
Fully color enabled.
I got lazy by the time I started on the catalog, so minimal English entries for everyone.
All have been tested in my (EP)game, but please tell me if there's problems.

The legals

You are free to recolour, hack, fiddle with these meshes, so long as you post a link to the original mesh in this thread. And do tell me about it
Before you upload my meshes Anywhere (and that very much includes uploaded lots) ASK ME. I need to keep track of my meshes, in case I update.

The goodies

Antique cash register

Just what it says, an antique cash register. I really like this mesh, but couldn't seem to get the texture quite right. Sorry...

Price: 205, Poly's: 344
Comes with one recolour silver recolour. Default is brass.
Can only be found when building community lots.


A three-tile shop sign. This fits above several doors and windows.
Though not the shop window oh well.
You'll need the moveobjects cheat to place it above doors or windows.

Price: 140, Poly's: 12
This was way too much fun to recolour, so: default is 'New Moon'. Recolours for most Diagon Alley shops See screeny.

Cauldron Sign

A shingle in the form of a cauldron.

Price: 96, Poly's: 328
Again, fun to recolour Default is the Triquetta one. Recolours for 'The leaky Cauldron', 'Witches' Brew', and a tribute to a great site (plus it sounded right) 'Nectar della Luna'.

Book Display

Now here's a texture I like.
Thanks to Wiccadwitch for supplying pics.

Price: 623, Poly's: 192

Athame Display

Set of sharp ceremonial knives.

Price: 420, Poly's: 420

Bolline Display

Wall-mounted set of sickle knives. My first venture into alpha channeling,
and still such a high poly count. :naughty: Bad Lethe.

Price: 324, Poly's: 724

Wand Display

Bunch o' wands.

Price: 448, Poly's: 448

*Update*: I made three more recolours for the signs as a little request. They're meant to be covensigns .


Decorating tips :P

For people looking for the other stuff in the pics:
- All the beautiful recolours for displays and things are by HChangeri
- Wall and floors by Nectar della Luna, Interior wall by Yggdrasil
- Miscellaneous witchy stuff by me. (Yes, I'm shameless.)
- Display cases by the very talented Gromit.
- Evil black kitty by Mickyss (I love that cat)
- Door is part of the fabulous art nouveau collection at Simthing
- Clothing tip: The lovely Ophelia is wearing a Glamorous Goth dress. Mesh by Joseph, texture over at Picosims.

The book displays were restocking backwards in OfB, so I reangled the mesh.
It's an aesthetic thing If you have OfB, please redownload the NewDisplays file and install it. It'll overwrite the old ones.

enjoy, and feel free to comment.