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The DownShift

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2006 at 2:42 PM
Updated: 9th Feb 2008 at 1:39 PM - New version
Here is my newest creation, I call it "DownShift". It's an object that brings any other one-tile object placed on it down by a foundation's height and can be turned invisible using design mode afterwards.
It is compatible with any EP configuration, but made for OfB. I made it because in a german forum, some swiss users complained that OfB, which has been out for a week there now, doesn't have the interior foundations perfectly done and ceiling-high objects poke through the next level's floor. I didn't have OfB, so I asked an OfB-User to test it for me in the desired environment and the test turned positive. I also got a few screenshot showing the behavior.

Feel free to do whatever you want with my object.
Cloned from the NuMica card table, but the slots are modified.
Because of the way the game handles slots, the object errors when you put an object on it (the floor slot isn't an object slot). This does no damage, but is annoying. As this error is only visible with testing cheats, I suggest you turn it of when placing objects on the DownShift. FIXED

I'd appreciate feedback.

EDIT: Someone of the MTS2 staff flagged this download as OfB required. This is wrong. As I explained in the title, it was made for the stage problem in OfB, but it is compatible with any EP configuration, and probably even has uses in the base game. I've tested it in a NL game in the first try before I sent it to an OfB user.

EDIT2: According to Maxis Information, the new patch fixes the ceiling lamp issue, so my object is only there for other purposes like burying objects.

EDIT3: NEW VERSION - Error is gone. It was because of some dining table leftovers I now stripped from the object. And don't worry, the UpShift is still coming, and it is closer than ever!