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Simplicity modular Sofa - Set

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2005 at 8:24 PM
Updated: 14th May 2009 at 6:23 PM by -Maylin-
Hi there!
This is a Set I originally wanted to be part of some bigger set, but as I created something which I don't want others to release before, I'm offering it now. I will NOW apologize for the *bad* uvmap, but I wanted the 'wasted' space for other parts of that set. The name - simplicity - is the same as my crappy, ugly, low-content site (look at my signature).
The special object I created is a working diagonal seat. As it requires 2 cheats of which one is from uni, I also made a second, non working diagonal seat.
The texture repository is the same as the one for the final set, so it must be updated when... sorry, IF the set will be released. Some of the recolors will/would look ugly then, while some others won't/wouldn't.
The fabric and the base are independantly recolorable.
I have prbably used the worst base possible, as it was a single mesh seat which was as far as I remember not even reclourable. That's why I want to thank numenor for his great tutorials.
All the meshes are low-poly, none exceeds 70 vertices/40 faces.
But now have fun with my creations!
PS: You can share recolors and remeshes if you include a link to this thread or to simplicity

EDIT: Now the corner works without cheats and gets a description showing the "development" the way it would have been if this was a real sofa.