Updated 10-22: Creative/special recolors for Numenor's wall-window set

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Uploaded 30th Jun 2005 at 3:50 PM · Updated 25th Oct 2005 at 5:04 PM by Fat D

I have created some sets of recolors for Numenor's wall-windows.
1) In the set with the tints, I have restored some colors that were made to match rgiles's tinted floors, which lost their functionality when they were updated to look mor glassy.
2) (just for creators) In the template set, i have carefully tested the wall-window in my game to find out where the door was on the texture. The included package is for those who want to make sure I did it right.
3) The prison set is the set most people will call useless after the fist view, since atavera has already made one. However, my "numenor-based" one has some advantages:
-a: The lock is not obstructed by a bar
-b: you don't need an invisible wall
-c: it works on diagonals (though inge's hacks don't).
-d: you can put glass between the bars (to make the prison lokk like it has a higher security level)
The door package included an invisible handle because I do not think that a prison cell would have one like the original ones. It was removed when numenor himself released one.
I am still not happy with the door design, I would be happy if someone modifies the texture and shares it.
Download the prison set in this post
In order to use this door, download the invisible handle from the mesh thread
4) Half-Walls: Those half-Walls are no longer the best, so I made a version that is NL-Based ;D
5) New Tints: I have created a set of 3 new tints (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow). I hope you like them.
6) Gender-Specific wall-windows: I have made 2 more recolours, pink and blue (the difference to RGiles's BLue is that his is nore 'milky'). I have chosen those colours because they are said to be gender-typical.

If you want to post recolors in this thread, make sure they are something special (for example half walls).

get the mesh here

(06-30) updated prison set to be compatible (without useless stuff) with numenor's latest update

(07-01) Added Half-Walls

(07-08) Added 3 new tints, cyan, magenta and yellow
(07-08) later: minor update to both tint sets reducing the file size gradually, no other changes.

(07-15) Added Floor tiles for Cyan, Magenta and Yellow
(07-15) Added Blue and Pink recolors including floor tiles. I chose these colors because they are said to be gender-typical.

(07-16) updated the prison set

(07 - 19) updated half-walls and moved them to new thread

(10-22) created new set for designing showers
there are 3 pictures of it. if you look at the third picture, before you scream "kiddy p*rn', let me tell you this picture was made to show it even protects smaller bodies, not to look sexually attractive to anyone.

Template explanation:
Blue - fixed glass
dark green - door
light green - handle
red - just visible on diagonals
pink - not used