Simlish Tattoos and More!

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Hello lovelies!

I love putting tattoos on my sims, but one kind I haven't seen for download are name tattoos. I really wanted one to go on my Mini Me's calf, so I decided to make one

In my usual fashion I got carried away, and ended up making eight more!

I hand drew all of these with pen and ink, then scanned them in and retraced them in photoshop.

I know a lot of people hate having real words in their game, so I made them using "simlish". Writing cursive simlish is way harder than it looks by the way. =.='

There are five "name" tattoos (including the

Two tiny tattoos on the hands and feet.

And two tribal tattoos.

Each tattoo has its own custom thumbnail (see screenshots).

I tried to get these to mix-match as much as possible, without taking up too many accessory slots. So, each type can be paired with another, but two tattoos of the same type will override each other. For example, two back tats cannot be worn at the same time, but a back tat and a chest tat can. As soon as a better way to get accessories to overlap comes along, you'll have to live with that

These can be used by males and females, teen and older. I have them set so they will not show up randomly on townies, if you wish to change that, then be my guest.

The base color of all the tattoos is black, however some tattoos allow for a colored outline. If you don't want the colored outline, then simply color the whole thing a dark grey/black.

And just about with every tattoo out there (I think) they won't stay on when your sim gets nudie I don't know anyway to get around that yet, but if someone knows how, please enlighten me

Since I actually drew these myself, I ask that you do not redistribute any of these without my permission. That includes the exchange and paysites. You may, however, upload with lots/sims as long as you link back here.

If you want to change the placement of a tattoo, then you can download the Textures.rar for all of the original scanned in designs, then create a new CAS part as you see fit. The designs are in .psd format (Photoshop), but I believe you can open them with other imaging programs as well. Anyhoos, all I ask is that you do not reupload a tattoo with my design


Additional Credits:
Photoshop 7.0
Delphy's CTU

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