Table and tablecloths

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UPDATED FOR PATCH 1.38, Pets and Supernatural

I'v edit the cloth and table, please download again. Some plates, not all, going through the tablecloth before. I'm so sorry for that!

I'm trying to figure out a method for making tablecloths. I've tried with rugs, but it does not work. I can't adjust the height so the tablecloths lands always on the floor. It is apparently the only way to clone a table. I want to make it possible to place objects on the tablecloth.

Ok, here I have two samples of tablecloths. I also enclose a test table. The table is among the first things I did for Sims 3.

You find all of these items among the tables in the catalogue.

The table costs 125$, the oval tablecloth 30$ and the square 35$.

Polygon Counts:
Table: 540vertices and 320 faces
Oval tablecloth: 41 vertices and 40 faces
Square tablecloth: 272 vertices and 168 faces