sHoNi's Vampire Overhaul - [Island Paradise Update! Please redownload! New functionalities added!]

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Uploaded: 21st Nov 2010 at 3:53 AM
Updated: 25th Jun 2013 at 1:30 PM - Update for 1.55 & Island Paradise EP + added new functionalities
Message from the author:
Thanks for your constant feedback, care, your patience and support even in my absence. I added a new Troubleshooting/FAQ section for those of you having issues. Please refer to it prior contacting me.


This is an Overhaul of the Vampires in TS3. It contains several features edited by ME, all merged to a single file. There are other vampires mods that edit just a single thing here on mts, so if you just want those single edits do not use this mod. Remember this mods requires you to play with a new Vampire! Already existing Vampires won't fully work with my mod, so if you already have some (without my mod installed before) then cure them and re-transform them so my mod will fully kick-in in your game.


- First release: Vampire Overhaul, single package
- Full Overhaul updated
- Split versions added
- Missing "No V when sleeping" issue fixed
- "Alternative Bite" and "Always Neck Bite" added
- Neck/Wrist Bite issue fixed
- Added sunlight immunity if Thirst bar is more than 2/3 full (>35)
- Added compatibility for "No CAS Stagger" mod
- Another Hotfix for "Neck Bite" issue for "Bite" and "FULL" versions. Hopefully this will fix it for real.
- General hotfix and update for Generations EP
- Update for Pets and Patch 1.29
- Hotfix for "FULL" Version
- Update for Showtime and Patch 1.32
- Small hotfix for bite neck rules
- Removed increased "Heating up" edit due to excessive difficulty
- Potential hotfix for "Immortality" issue reported from some users
- Update for Supernatural and Patch 1.38
- Added more chance for success for the new vampiric hypnosis
- Added extra "No Sparkles" features to the "FULL" and "Buffs" versions
- Fairy blood gives +100 mood boost for 6 hours
- Updated for Seasons and Patch 1.42 & 1.47
- Hotfix for sparkles still appearing
- Updated for University Life and Patch 1.50
- Updated for Island Paradise and Patch 1.55
- Added new features when diving/swimming

Here's what this mod changes/edits (FULL Version):

No neck tattoo/bite sign EVER.
No "V" when a Vampire sleeps on a regular bed.
During Bar Brawls, Vampires are much more advantaged than other Sims.
Vampires can bite everyone whose LTR is >=0 (you cannot bite enemies and such) WITHOUT asking.
Vampire bite animation is now slightly different than default:
- always at wrist of non-lovers
- always neck bite if the victim is potentially attracted by the vampire (you will notice this if you perform ANY flirt interaction on the victim and the interaction gets accepted -- it is more likely to happen if the victim is single, has a good mood or has traits like "Flirty" or "Hopeless Romantic". It can happen even if LTR is 0 -- be careful not to have got some aspiration rewards like "Seduction Master" or such, because the neck bite is a romantic interaction, and if you DO got this AR, any victim will accept your neck bite):
It bothers me that I seduce my victim and then I bite on the wrist just because I didn't confess my love first/haven't kissed the victim before.
Every NPC Vampire has now only 2 Plasma Fruits in his/her inventory: that encourages biting other Sims rather than eating just fruits.
"Make Sim think of Me" power now grants 20 LTR bonus rather than 10.
Thirst decay is MUCH slower now. It requires a few days to become empty. If you also buy the "Hardly Hungry" aspiration reward, your vampire will only need to feed once every pope's death.
More than that, if your Vampire's thirst bar is at least by 2/3 full, he/she will be able to walk under the sunlight without negative moodlets/being harmed. Thirsty vampires are weakened and suffer when under the sun.
NPC Vampires (and your own vampires too if free will is activated) can now use their powers (read mind and make sim think of me) at their will. They will especially use them whenever their fun or social need is low.
Victims cannot offer their plasma again within 2 days rather than 1.
Plasma Juice fulfills now much less the thirst motive (it's a snack after all and FREE!) so hunting (or planting) is encouraged.
Vampires are now IMMORTAL as for their age (it says 0). As soon as they reach the young adult stage they won't age any further. Make them age them with a birthday cake if you must.
The "Too much Sun" negative moodlet now lasts only one day but provides a -100 mood value and a quicker thirst decay for that day.
The "Sanguine Snack" moodlet is now enhanced and blocks the thirst bar for 36 hours.
Vampire Altar now replenishes Vampires Energy bar slightly slower but, in return, it totally blocks all other motives (except from Thirst) I do not like other motives being raised by just sleeping so I just blocked them, à la Nightlife Coffins. Hypnotic Gaze has been edited so that our vamps have more less chance to fail. Drinking from a fairy, provides now a +100 boost moodlet that lasts for 6 hours. Optional no sparkling vampires ever! Don't like your vampires have to shine in exchange for sun protection? They won't shine once again with this feature, not with the potion nor with the aspiration reward (pretty useless if you use this overhaul). The potion still grants sun protection, you just don't see the "Sparkly" moodlet AND you don't sparkle.

NEW: Vampires do not need to breathe underwater now (they're dead!), do not need to wait for their body to stabilize to dive again (they're still dead!), do not drown when swimming/diving (they're already DEAD!) and they won't freeze while swimming in icy water! For all those new features to show up, you will need either the Full version or both the Buffs and Thirst packages.

NOTE: In order to remove the neck tattoo/sign and the sleeping "V"s with my mod, you have to empty your cachefiles from the documents folder (like when you install a new skin).


Instructions for Split Versions
Due to popular request, I have split my mod into several small packages but still mantained the FULL version containing all of them for those who want. Please, be careful NOT to use the split versions along with the FULL version. You decide. Here's an explanation of the various versions:

- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Altar: it changes just the Altar, so that it freezes other motives when sleeping apart from thirst.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Bite: it contains just the bite changes like I explained earlier in the post, same tuning as FULL version.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Bite_Always_Neck: same as "Bite" version, just always at the neck, no matter what.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Buffs: contains just the moodlet/buffs changes, like (but not only) sanguine snack and too much sun edits.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Buffs_No_Sparkle: same as "Buffs", just with the new "No Sparkle" feature.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_FULL: Full updated version. Do not use it with other vampire mods.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_FULL_No_Sparkle: Full updated version, with the new "No Sparkle" feature. Do not use with other vampire mods.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Immortality: contains only the Immortality for Vampires.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Minor_Things: here are only some minor things, like more chance to win a brawl for vamps, less fruits for NPC inventories and less thirst gain from drinking the plasma juice.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_No_Tattoo: No neck tattoo/sign on Vamps. Must delete your cache first in order to work.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_No_V: No "V" when sleeping on a regular bed for Vamps.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_NPC_Powers: NPC Vampires can use their mental powers at will, especially if fun or social need is low.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Thirst: Much slower decay for thirst motive (2-3 days to become empty) and even slower if "Hardly Hungry" aspiration reward is bought. Vamps can walk under the sun freely if thirst bar is at least by 2/3 full.
- sHoNi's_Vampire_Overhaul_Immortality_NoCASAgeStagger: Immortality with Compatible version for No Cas Age Stagger mod. Do not use this in conjuction with FULL mod or "Immortality" version (it alredy contains this feature).

This mod won't be compatible with other vampire mods (use those mods or just this one -- check with the Dashboard Tool if there are conflicts), mods that alter moodlet buffs, motive decay or socializing tuning. As always, if you're not sure use Delphy's Dashboard Tool to check for incompatibilities. If you find conflicts with the FULL version, use the split versions or make a kind request for a compatible version.

This mod is 100% compatible with my Mummy Overhaul

Troubleshooting / FAQ
[Q] I installed your mod but some/all functionalities do not work. What am I doing wrong?
[A] My mod apparently only fully works on new vampires. That means if you install my mod and you already play as a vampire, it could not work as intended. You may see some of the new functions added by this mod but it is recommended that you cure your already existing vampires and re-transform them (quickly done with Nraas Master Controller).

[Q] I installed the "No Sparkle" version but my vamps still sparkle, how do I fix it?
[A] Empty your cache files. If the issue persists, try to cure from Vampirism and re-transform back, as I suggested before.

[Q] I am having issues with the "Bite" interactions. I don't think it works as it should, how can I proceed?
[A] If you use the "Always neck" option, then it should always work as intended. If it doesn't, and you do not have mod incompatibilities with my mod, then message me and I will see what I can do. If you use the standard version, keep in mind that, in order to achieve a neck bite from a victim, she/he must be attracted to your sim, chemically speaking. You have to seduce her/him first and while being in that "flirty" moment (when two sims are romantically staring at each other) you can try to bite. It won't work if you cancel the interaction or if your flirt gets refused. Keep also in mind of minor random factors like mood/moodlet drops etc. It works best on flirty/outgoing sims.

[Q] I tried everything you suggested but without success. Can you help me?
[A] 90% of the cases, you either haven't cleared your cache, played with a new vampire or have a mod conflict (use Delphy's Dashboard to find it out). Only if you tried everything I suggested, without success, then feel free to contact me.

Where to install:
Simply drop the package(s) to the usual location: "My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages" and delete scriptcache.package

Credit: S3PE Tool, my brother, my partner & CriCri for testing and for being one of the most polite person I ever got to know in my whole life.

Feel free to PM me for any issues =)