Sub-Level Safety (Aftermath Series)

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Uploaded: 13th May 2011 at 11:17 PM
"Aftermath" Series
This is a series of derelict, abandoned style buildings which may include some form of "destruction" to the architecture or landscape. The type of building you might see in apocalypse / disaster type movies and video games. This theme has been inspired by games such as the STALKER and Fallout series and movies like Mad Max, and many others.

Sub-Level Safety
In the wastelands of Downtown sometimes the safest place is underground, the burnt out shells of buildings crumbling all around sometimes offer hidden safety. The utility tunnels and basements under the derelict offices and skyscrapers sometimes offer a dark, dingy safe haven for a weary traveller.

Lot Details
Fully equipped basement "survival" area including:
2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
Kitchen / Dining area

Derelict buildings!
Ample space for growth should you decide to rebuild .
Broken fire hydrant fishing spot.
Faux radiochemical toxic spill!
4 functional parking spaces with 2 derelict (but usable!) cars.

Lot Size: 34x40
Lot Price: $91,343 (F) / $85,311 (Unf)

Custom Content
I only used one custom item on the lot.

One More Slot Please! - By granthes

There are also few items from the Riverview town pack as well various Buydebug items that aren't normally buyable. I also have all expansions and stuff packs (except for Outdoor Living) loaded when I made this lot and I definitely used items from Late Night, World Adventures and Fast Lane Stuff.

Side Notes
It's been a while since I last uploaded a lot but I finally got back in the game so to speak , after a few people commented on my previous Aftermath lots looking like scenes from Fallout I finally went out and brought a copy so this new lot is drawing quite heavily on my experiences with that. For those that know the game this lot is loosely based Reilly's Rangers Compound and the architecture of the Capitol Wasteland though only in style / feel, it's not a direct recreation of any particular area.

This lot itself was built in Bridgeport on "24 2nd Avenue" hence the odd lot size (see attached screenshot for original placement) though it's close enough it should fit on a 40x40 with maybe a couple of rows of floor tiles needed, and this may not be the only Bridgeport lot I rebuild on..

The main living area of this lot is the basement, unlike more traditional residential lots all the upper levels and out buildings are basically just decorative fluff designed to enhance the derelict / post apocalypse look, the pond outside can be fished in though it has no specific fish (it's only water spill where a fire hydrant burst after all ) and the upper levels of all the decorative buildings are actually accessible. So if you want to put a telescope WAY up on roof of the big building you can!

Have done some basic testing, everything that should be usable is so far as I could tell. The pond can be fished in though as mentioned above it only has default fish in it, sims can access the various floors and roofs of the decorative architecture where access is provided so all the stairs do work though they may not always lead to much . Also the main "Front Door" of the lot is the one in the large central building that contains the basement, all service sims that I encountered during testing used the door correctly.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: See "Lot Details"

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to granthes for his OMSP!, totally awesome item for help with lot decoration!