Correlated skintones - Maxis skins

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2016 at 1:09 AM
Updated: 10th Nov 2016 at 4:51 PM by Karen Lorraine
I've always been annoyed that townies with the darkest skin tones sometimes went around with blond and red hair. And then Phaenoh created the correlated skin tones templates - something I have been waiting for for years without realising it!

So I have made my own correlated set, and because I sometimes like to play all-Maxis, I have used the four Maxis original skin tones (made non-default by fanseelamb - thank you!) and the five Maxis-match skins originally by Purplepaws and geneticised by aqualectrix (thank you!) which slot nicely in giving a range of 9 Maxis-type tones (I only used 8). For an explanation about what correlated skins are about, please read Phaenoh's post ( Basically the only hair-skin combinations you will get in CAS and in townies are those in the pictures.

Some of the skin tones are repeated for different hair colours, and I have hand-painted freckles onto the faces of the redhead skin tones, all ages (S1Red, S2Red, S3Red, S4Red).

WARNING!!! Because of the way the elders' grey hair links to skins, there is no option to choose the elder skin tone, and the four Maxis ones are used by the game. This is only a problem with the blond S4 and red S4 - because they aren't very dark (my choice), grandma and grandpa suddenly become rather dark on aging up. The redheads also lose their freckles, so you might want to find a freckle mask! See picture for comparison.

You need all 16 files in your downloads folder, but you can swap out any of them for other creator's corresponding correlated skins (eg impactdixon and hodsh1

I hope you will enjoy using these skins in your Maxis-themed hoods!

Additional Credits:
purplepaws (I can't find the original skins??) SimPE