Imperfection-Part One

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Uploaded: 19th Sep 2014 at 8:03 PM
Updated: 11th Jul 2016 at 11:23 PM - personal pick
Want to download both sets of Imperfection? Tired of clicking all the download buttons? Then this is the link for you! I've uploaded all twenty skins, along with the Defaults, to my Dropbox for your convenience. You can still click the Thanks button if you like, though.

10.2.14: Oops, looks like I originally gave Lobster a powerful genetic value of .5 rather than .05. I've replaced the old file with a new, fixed file with the proper genetics. Thanks again to another kind user who informed me of this.

9.20.14: I was kindly informed of a flaw in Milkyway's neckline, as the face was a different color than the body. This has been fixed, along with a similar problem in Pinecone. I have updated Milkway, Pinecone, and the Defaults, so please see the new attached image of the fixes and redownload those files. The other screenshots have not changed, so they still show the discoloration. I am so sorry for this oversight of mine and any inconvenience it causes. NOTE: The scalps have strange highlights on them because of the bald hairstyle, not because of my scalp textures.

WARNING: These skins are the manifestation of an undiagnosed case of OCD, more correctly known as CDO. Please note that the attention to detail and desire to have each age group look unique bloated the size of the files. While most creators keep their skin file size reasonable by having age groups share textures, these skins were not created so. They are roughly 8-12 MB each, so know that you have been warned in case your game loads slower or your hard drive cries if you download these.

The Vision

I've often longed for detailed Maxis match skins that have the unique textures for age groups that Maxis' original skins had. I loved the handpainted look of skins by talented creators like HystericalParoxysm and AlfredAskew. But I like seeing my Sims change through their lives. Sure, you could plaster your Sims with makeup that makes them look older, or you can embark on a three month project to make twenty skins to suit your needs. That's what I did, and in case anyone else is interested in such skins, I've decided to share the fruits of my love of labor—er, labor of love.

This upload now has a Part Two--so if you are interested in twelve more shades, grab them here. For now, here are the eight skintones of Part One, which also features defaults. All skintones are for both genders and ages. Teens look younger and less developed than adults, and elders look notably older than adults. Children and toddlers do share the same face, which is far rounder than teens-elders. Babies also have this chubbier face. Please check out the billions of attached screenshots to get a closer look at these differences. Personally, I think the details, like the subtle veins and pores, are clearer in-game than in my screenshots, but what are you going to do.

The Skins

I chose Vanilla, Cashew, Roasted Almond, and Pinecone as the default skintones. And by the way, these skins are barbie below the waist (no genitals) but females all have nipples. All of the skins are just recolors, so what you see on Vanilla and Cashew is what you'll see on all of them.

About Genetics

All custom skintones have been enabled for townies and are geneticized. The thumbnails to the skins show the genetic value I assigned to them. (They're also sorted by genetic value.) If you want to change the values or disable them for townies, it's very easy with a bit of familiarity with SimPE!

Mistakes Happen

These skins are far from perfect. That's why they're called Imperfection. My screenshots haven't been photoshopped, so you should be able to see most of the flaws for yourself from the attached images. In particular, they aren't completely seamless, despite my best efforts, and there is bound to be some banding or pixellation on the darker skins.

If Default Replacements Cause Strange Discoloration on the Head

Side effects of default replacement skintones may include: humorous, horrific, or simply peculiar discoloration of a Sim's head. If your Sims suffer from one or more of these symptoms, consult your local mirror immediately to Change Appearance. This should refresh the Sim's face and they should now have their appropriate face again.

Recommended Downloads

I made a quick fix so teens with custom skins can still break out into acne. This fix should work with all default replacements of the zits, but there's a catch. It refers them to use the S2 texture, so alien or rainbow skins will have pinkish zits, not the green ones default aliens previously used. I don't play with supernaturals, really, so it wasn't a biggie to me. If you'd like the fix, grab it from my Dropbox here.


As always, my policy is to welcome recolors or any salvaging of my textures for personal or public use and distribution. Go ahead, it's all for a game in the end! To make this a little easier in case anyone out there is interested in reusing my textures, I've uploaded the PNGs to my Dropbox. Here's a link.

CREDITS: The teeth are by Rensim, found here. Thanks for letting others use your textures, if you ever see this!

CC used in the screenshots:

The green wall is by dimsim78, I believe. Just not sure from which set, ha, ha.

Most models have Maxis hair. But some are using hairs by Nouk, such as the braids and the afro, and Trapping and Nymphy's curls. And the babies are sporting some sweet 'dos by Theraven at moonlightdragon.freeforums (registration required), where she's made both default and custom baby hairs.

Their eyes are from my Natural Elements set.

They aren't wearing any makeup or facial or body effects. Because I didn't trust myself to remember to censor them properly, they are wearing some swimsuits I made especially for these uploads. Hope they don't block too many of the details!

Some of the models are my 3to2 conversions of Sims by Lunararc, used with his permission (thank you!). In particular, the male Cashew is Fadil Gorkem, the female Vanilla is Amy Spencer, and the female Peachy is Nina Clark. And yes, it was fun writing all of that.

I also used Radiance Lighting by dDefinder (originally by Gunmod). It's purty.

Additional Credits:
Maxis/EA for the fantastic Sims 2 that we all love modding so much.
Mod the Sims for hosting my stuff for free.
Covidophile2's tutorial on using SimPE to create skintones.
SimPE and its creators.
Corel Paintshop Pro X6.
DJFade, for The Compressorizer.
Thanks too to the creators of Sim Blender and InTeen. Their features made it so much easier to get the Sims dressed appropriately and have instant babies.
And a big special thank you to the folks who encouraged me to make these skins the best I could. Special thanks to Lastgale, lidiqnata, Jo, and CatherineTCJD for their support and advice.