Imperfection Part Two

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Want to download both sets of Imperfection? Tired of clicking all the download buttons? Then this is the link for you! I've uploaded all twenty skins, along with the Defaults, to my Dropbox for your convenience. You can still click the Thanks button if you like, though.

WARNING: These skin packages are huge. Various shades in the set may range from 9 MB to a whopping 12 MB. Why so much larger than most other custom skins? Put simply, most other creators kindly keep their file size reasonable by having age and fitness textures shared. Example: Teen males looking the same as adult and elder males. But I wanted each age and fitness to be unique, thus the bloated file size.

Part Two

I am proud to present to all of you Part Two of my Imperfection skintones. For those of you who are good at arithmetic and missed the first part, you might want to check it out here.

More About Imperfection

This set of twelve skins...

-is Maxis-match but detailed, inspired by skins like HystericalParoxysm's Idolatry of Flesh
-has separate and unique textures for all age groups and fitness states (normal, fat, and fit)
-is barbie below the waist (no genitals but nipples for all)
-are all just recolors of the same textures (example: The textures for Cherrywood are the same as the textures displayed on Swarthy, it's just the colors and tones that are different)
-faces are like Maxis originals, in that they don't represent any particular nationality and can be used on various facial sculpts
-do not have the textures for Sexy Feet or any other default replacement meshes there might be out there; anyone is free to edit these skins for such meshes, however

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Without further ado, here are the twelve new skins! *Please note, my laptop seems to display things greener than they appear; in-game.

Jaundice, Posie, and Ruddy:

Honey, Swarthy, and Potato:

Pumpkin Spice, Cafe Lait, and Cocoa:

Cherrywood, Espresso, and Ebony:

Recommended Downloads
Normally, teens with custom skins will not have visible acne breakouts. I made a small fix for this which you can grab from my dropbox, if you are as obsessed with blemishes as I evidently am.


If you don't like the genetic values I chose for the skintones, feel free to edit them yourself. It's quite easy to do with SimPE. For a detailed explanation of how to edit genetic values and what they mean, check out this useful guide by Quinctia.

Mistakes Happen

These skins are far from perfect. That's why they're called Imperfection. My screenshots haven't been photoshopped, so you should be able to see most of the flaws for yourself from the attached images. In particular, they aren't completely seamless, despite my best efforts, and there is bound to be some banding or pixellation on the darker skins. Again, the one thing that isn't accurately portrayed in my screenshots are the undertones. These skins look warmer and livelier in-game than they do in my screenshots, where they look kind of greenish. Sorry, but these aren't actually Vulcan skins.


Feel free to recolor or whatever with my textures. In case anyone is interested, I've uploaded the PNGs to a folder in my Dropbox. Download what you want here.


The teeth are by Rensim, found here. Thanks for letting others use your textures, if you ever see this!

Custom Content Pictured

Additional Credits:
Maxis/EA for the fantastic Sims 2 that we all love modding so much.
Mod the Sims for hosting my stuff and being a fun center for Sims fanatics.
Covidophile2's tutorial on using SimPE to create skintones.
SimPE and its creators.
Corel Paintshop Pro X6.
DJFade, for The Compressorizer.
Thanks too to the creators of Sim Blender and InTeen. Their features made it so much easier to get the Sims dressed appropriately and have instant babies.
Myriads of thanks to the kind folks who encouraged me in the Creator Feedback Forum. Special thanks to lidiqnata, Jo, CatherineTCJD, and Lastgale.