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Grow Up Aspiration (TS2-TS4)

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2017 at 1:50 PM
Updated: 13th Dec 2020 at 4:18 AM

I've remade the Grow Up aspiration from The Sims 2. The original aspiration had 6 levels, but due to limitations the first level was cut and the last became the reward trait. When creating each level I pulled from the name and the original aspiration's wants. The final product was an aspiration that had each level function like a mini-version of the other child aspirations.

The aspiration does give some whims. They are basic things relating to itself, such as leveling up skills or playing with toys.

Bothersome Brat:
*Achieve Level 5 Motor Skill
*Perform 10 Mean or Mischievous Interactions
*Make It Across the Monkey Bars 3 Times

Typical Tyke:
*Achieve Level 5 Social Skill
*Meet 5 New Sims
*Make a Friend

Gifted Kid:
*Achieve Level 5 Creativity Skill
*Play with 3 Toys
*Use Activity Table or Draw on A Placemat (5 times)

Wonder Boy/Girl:
*Achieve Level 5 Metal Skill
*Finish Reading 3 Books
*Finish Homework 3 Times

Child Prodigy Trait:
This trait will give boosts in every skill and career except the Criminal career and Mischief skill. This trait will actually make the Sim do worse with Mischief and the Criminal career. If they're still in Grade School, they will get a large boost. High School also will get a nice boost. Finishing off the child skills shouldn't be too hard, either.

This trait triggers 4 buffs, Fond Memory, Fun Childhood, Happy Memory, and Remembering Youth. They only appear if the Sim is a teen or older and all grant +1 emotions, except the last.

The Fond Memory is a Happy buff will give a small boost in Logic, Fitness, Charisma, and all creative skills. The Fun Childhood buff is a Playful buff, but it doesn't give any special boosts. The Remembering Youth buff only appears for Elders, this buff gives +2 Happy, appears a bit more often, and gives a decent boost in Knitting, Gardening, Baking, and Cooking. The Happy Memory buff is actually a base game buff, but I thought it'd be a good addition to even things out a bit.

Since this is not an override, there shouldn't be conflicting with any mods.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu (Mod Constructor)
EA/Maxis (The Sims 4)