Herbalist Aspiration

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Herbalist Aspiration
A herbalist is a practitioner of herbalism, and studies and uses plants for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. This sim enjoys learning about herbalism, and want to practice it as a form of alternative medicine.

Found under Nature Category in CAS.

Reward Trait: Apothecarist
This sim is skilled in collecting herbs and plants to create and sell alternative medicine.


There are four aspiration levels:
1) Beginner Herbalist:
a) Open a Herb Seed Packet 5 Times
b) Achieve Level 3 Herbalism
c) Achieve Level 5 Gardening
d) Talk to Herbs 3 Times

2) Mediocre Herbalist
a) Collect Insects 10 Times
b) Harvest Herbs 10 Times
c) Plant 6 Fruits
d) Achieve Level 5 Herbalism

3) Good Herbalist
a) Take Cuttings from 10 Plants
b) Brew 10 Herbalism Potions
c) Tend Garden 5 Times
d) Earn $3000 From Selling Herbalism Potions

4) Legendary Herbalist
a) Achieve Level 10 Herbalism
b) Brew 15 Herbalism Potions
c) Apply 3 Herbalism Potions
d) Earn $6000 From Herbalism Potions

You will be able to make some money from this aspiration!