Socialite Career

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2010 at 2:34 AM
Updated: 1st Feb 2012 at 6:43 PM
This has been updated. I made a small mistake that amounted to big problems and apologize to anyone who had issues. Everything should be working now. Please redownload if you had this prior to August 24, 2010. If anyone still has issues please PM me.

This career is EP compatible and I have tested it on my own computer and it is working great. There are chance cards for 11 of the 13 levels and the career reward is the home surgery station. The file includes the Teen career which is linked to the Adult career (which has been tested and works). Here is a breakdown of each level within the career. This is a custom career that will not overwrite any pre-existing career.

*Note: Your Sim will NOT make any money at this job until level 10. It was created out of my need to get my rich sims' wives out of the house during the day. Unless your Sim is independently wealthy or married to a wealthy man, this is NOT the career for them.

1. Brown Noser STFS 1700-2000 §0
Everyone knows you want to be part of the “it” crowd and you are not ashamed to show it. The line in the sand of what you will do to make it is very faintly drawn.

2. It Guy/Girl SWTFS 1700-2000 §0
You’ve made it into the “it” crowd and are invited to the best parties and the most exclusive clubs. However, you are still stuck in the crowd although it is a better one. Keep your etiquette groomed, your fashion standards top notch, and your talons hidden under your latest manicure and you may become “the One”.

3. Golden Boy/Girl WTFS 1800-2100 §0
The most popular [guy] girl in school, nothing you can do is wrong. Wearing [a thong] white after Labor Day would no longer be a fashion faux pas if you did it first. No exploit is too explicit; no press coverage too negative for everyone eats out of the palm of your hand.

1. Society Wannabe SWTFS 1000-1500 §0
You are often found following society’s upper crust like a love sick puppy. Gala event photographers usually catch you hovering in the background, trying to look like part of the in group. Try not to look desperate and give yourself away.

2. Tabloid Informant MTWTF 1000-1500 §0
You have not made it far enough into the crowd to really be noticed so you have decided to focus negative attention on others. If there are dirty secrets lying around (affairs, extortion, blackmail, unsavory family members, etc) you will find them and supply them to the nearest tabloid. Each fall from grace leaves you one spot closer to the top. Just do not get caught.

3. Resume Constructor MTWTF 1000-1500 §0
You know that getting anywhere means have the right everything. Therefore, you spend much of your day obscuring unsavory bits of your past, embellishing appropriate bits, and changing anything that needs changing. Make sure your name is WASPy enough, your knowledge on luxury extensive enough, and your sophistication as refined as possible. At all costs, make sure you blend!

4. Personal Shopper SWTFS 1000-1500 §0
For yourself, that is. Be fashionable. Everything that you wear should be designer. Adopt a classy, timeless style; something that looks just as good as it looked in the '50s, and will look just as good in 50 years. Also, you should have a signature look that distinguishes you from other people- a fetish for a certain color, a certain hairstyle, etc. Fill your wardrobe with these items and do NOT commit any fashion faux pas.

5. Self Promoter STFS 1000-1500 §0
You need to be known as a socialite and this takes some effort. Attend events, meet moguls, and advertise yourself. However, make sure you are meeting the right people, as you will never know when they will come in handy. Other socialites are great people to meet as are reporters, photographers, and designers. Don’t bother with the nobodies and take care not to be seen as a desperate social climber.

6. Sod Stomper WTFS 1000-1500 §0
You attend one of the biggest sports events frequented by socialites and your status is good enough to get you decent seats. You get to head onto the field to stomp the divots. Your status has even earned you the privilege of throwing the first ball at a couple of matches. Keep working hard and attending the right events and you will reach the top.

7. Event Committee WTFS 1000-1500 §0
Someone finally recognized your eye for fine things and has placed you on the events committee for all of the charity events. Make sure all of the events are tasteful, yet fun and raise a ton of money.

8. World Traveler WTFS 1000-1500 §0
Jet set to wonderful places around the globe and make sure to learn plenty of foreign languages. The more places you have seen and different cultures you have experienced, the more people you know and the more you have an edge over the others in your league.

9. Social Register Listee SFS 1000-1500 §0
You finally made it! You are listed as one of the Who’s Who of Simtropolis. People know your name, quote you, and even look to you for fashion advice. Make sure you stay classy and confident, keep being generous with the local charities, and socialize, socialize, socialize. After all, isn’t that what being a socialite is all about?

10. Reality TV Star WTFS 1000-1500 §3,000
Sims love you so much, they want to know all about you. You have been given your own TV show. Remember all the tenets of being a socialite: be classy, confident, fashionable, and refined. Know those worth knowing, give to those in need, appear at gala events, and be seen in the world’s hottest places. But remember, a little scandal is always worth a little publicity. Just don’t take things too far and you’ll become a legend.

Side Note: This career, as stated above, was intended for the wives of my rich sims. Therefore, some of the male career descriptions and chance cards may sound a little off or a little feminine. Just a warning!

I created this career myself and am quite proud of it. If you want to share, please link back to me. Please do NOT redistribute. If you have any questions regarding my policy, see my profile for my complete Terms of Use. If you still have questions, please PM me. Otherwise, enjoy. I would love feedback from anyone trying this career. I hope y'all enjoy it!

If you love this, don't forget the thanks! I love seeing how people enjoy what I have created. Makes the hard work worth so much more in the end!