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Infinite Laundry Buffs Fix

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2017 at 6:55 PM

The Infinite Laundry Buffs Fix addresses a bug whereby laundry-related moodlets are awarded almost indefinitely.

Doing laundry grants two moodlets, Fresh Clothes and Clean Bedsheets, to the entire household of the sim performing the task. The Fresh Clothing moodlet lasts sixteen hours to two days, depending on whether an upgraded washing machine was used; this 16-to-48-hour period restarts whenever a sim changes outfits. (If high-end laundry equipment is used, the Very Fresh Clothing moodlet is applied instead.) The Clean Bedsheets moodlet occurs whenever a sim of the household is sleeping in a bed on their home lot. These two moodlets begin appearing as soon as a sim either changes outfits or sleeps on the home lot after clean laundry has been removed from a dryer or clothesline.

EA's intended behaviour is for these moodlet to reappear/refresh whenever a household sim sleeps or changes outfits for a certain amount of time after laundry has been done. After this period of time, the moodlets should no longer be reappearing automatically, at which point the player must do laundry again to trigger them anew. The exact duration of this "automatic renewal" period for the moodlets varies according to the nature of drying equipment used.

Currently, there is an issue where this automatic renewal period persists beyond the intended duration, such that the moodlets are refreshed quasi-infinitely after doing laundry only once. Further discussion of this bug can be found here and here.

This behaviour affects both players with laundry equipment on the home lot and those who depend on the laundromat. However, it might be less noticeable to the former, since they tend to do laundry when hampers become full, usually way before the moodlets are supposed to cease reappearing automatically, so the moodlets might seem to be behaving correctly. For players who frequent the laundromat and are watching for the moodlets' absence as an indication to do laundry again, the issue is likely to be more apparent.

This mod corrects the laundry moodlets' automatic renewal period so that it expires appropriately.


  1. Unpack mod as usual into Mods/Packages folder.
  2. Start game.
  3. Do a fresh load of laundry using a sim from the active household.

The mod may be uninstalled by removing it from the Mods/Packages folder and deleting scriptCache.package.


  • Ambitions; or
  • University Life; or
  • Town Life Stuff; or
  • any of the laundry sets from the Sims 3 Store.

  • This mod was built and tested on patch 1.67.


The duration of the moodlets' automatic renewal period is affected by values in XML tuning associated with dryers and clotheslines. Infinite Laundry Buffs Fix might be unable to perform its checks if these values are changed to be less than 24 hours manually by the player or via other mods.

Terms of Use

Do not redistribute.


  • dnSpy
  • Notepad++
  • NRaas ErrorTrap
  • S3PE
  • Visual Studio 2017