Featherless FT Turban, Default Replacement

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2019 at 11:49 PM
Updated: 24th Feb 2019 at 5:35 AM - Adding ONE more Option!
Today February 23rd, I am adding one more Default option made specially for DigitalSympathies.
A no feather, no medallion and no pearls Default Turban, for your Sims.
Default_JustATurbanPlayableGenie_By_Rosie if in your game, will give a very simple Turban to your Sims.
This new Default also edits the Real game Genie's textures, so Mister Genie will also lose the pearls, regardless.
Please, see the 3 new attached pictures with pretty writings.

I created this specially for Sunrader.

This is a very simple feather removal, on both the Default game Genie's Turban and the CAS Genie's Turban. (Hair)
2 separate files, both can be installed in your game, together.
  • No Feather Genie, will default the Genie who lives in a lamp, and remove its feather.
  • No Feather Playable Genie, will default the Genie Turban, found in the male/hair category in CAS...removing its feather.

Turban Meshes have been edited.
feather_alpha3 and feather_alpha5 group,were removed in both packages.
Now, these are a bit smaller in size than the originals.

Game Genie
hair :427
beard :158
Playable Genie
hair :427
Just A Turban
hair :313

Free Time Expansion Pack is needed for these Default Replacements to be efficient..as the Genie comes from this EP. No FT, No Genie.

Additional Credits:
Sunrader for the idea, SimPE, MilkShape 3D, PaintShop Pro, The game!, MTS