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Lantern Pack [Updated]

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 18th Dec 2020 at 11:24 AM
Updated: 11th Aug 2021 at 10:52 PM
here are some Far East style lanterns I've made - and the rope set to place these on!
All base game compatible.

If you have IKEA SP, you can pick alternative light settings,
Read more:

Update 02.01.21: Corrected Large Lantern Rope pole lenght.
Update 11.08.21: Fixed Lucky Shrine Garden Light - now it can be recoloured
- if you have old version, you can see two recolours for base game Swing-arm Floor Lamp that shouldn't be there.

Versatile Lantern Rope Set
Outdoor cords for ceiling lamps:
Buy Mode/Lighting/Miscellaneous
Versatile Lantern Rope - 29 S - The required mesh. Has five placement slots.
Slant Versatile Lantern Rope - 30 S - 6 slots
Large Versatile Lantern Rope - 31 S - 13 slots, cloned from Bayon coffee table by

Wall Bracket for Ceiling Lamps (and other stuff*) - 11 S - includes a few recolors, 1 slot, shiftable with AL.
- with this bracket you can 'hang' ceiling lamps on outside walls, trees, poles..
*When I tested it with UNI+NL only,
hanging plants didn't move into the right spot.

All these are in fact 1-tile objects. To "hang" ceiling lamps, you always move it to the area where the green square shows up:

After you've filled the slots, you can place it on shiftable OMSPs to adjust the height -
and remove one or both poles by picking a right recolor.

Indoor Use:
There's one issue: objects placed on cords or brackets usually look too dark indoors,
that happens because the actual placement slots are located below the floor level.
Sometimes that can be corrected by placing the whole object on a shiftable OMSP shelf,
and moving it down to where you want it.

Festive Lantern Set:
Buy Mode/Lighting/Ceiling Lamps
Festive Lantern - 175 S - the required mesh. Includes five color options.
Round Festive Lantern - 173 S
Oval Festive Lantern - 173 S

Buy Mode/Lighting/Table Lamps
Silk Table Lantern - 131 S

Base game Add-Ons:
Buy Mode/Lighting/Ceiling Lamps
Hanging House Lantern - 445 S - Pulls texture from Little House Lantern fence light
(I recommend my default for this lamp). Lit panel is recolourable.

Smaller Chinese Riddle Lantern - 174 S - The round edge is recolorable.
Pulls texture from
Chinese Riddle Lantern - I've included a few recolors for this base-game lamp.

Wood & Paper Lantern Set:

Buy Mode/Lighting/Table Lamps
Small Andon - 131 S - The required mesh. Includes seven color options.
Tiny Andon - 130 S
Medium Andon - 132 S
Large Andon - 133 S

Buy Mode/Lighting/Ceiling Lamps
Hanging Lantern -125 S

Buy Mode/Lighting/Outdoor:

Stone Lantern mini-set:

Larger Toro - 331 S - the required mesh
Smaller Toro - 330 S


Lucky Shrine as Garden Light - 450 S - mesh from Bon Voyage turned into a lamp


0xD8746A20, 0xD26B3FFB, 0xD7770B6E, 0xDCC0D56C, 0xDFB3A670, 0xD31ED526, 0xD842FA4D, 0xDB1E4994, 0xD1115775, 0xD257FCA6, 0xD126C4C7, 0xD4261563, 0xD191A358, 0xDF2F777C, 0xDCAF731E, 0xE155020D, 0xDE029D3E

CC in the screenshots:

Butterflies: Sophie-David's effects
(sdEffectsBG.zip, "Moths" file)
Windowbox 4t2 flowers converted by Veranka
Floor tile by Adele @MTS
Wall tiles by PixelHate @MTS
4t2 street shop sign

Polygon Counts:
Large & Medium Andon: 396 poly,
Versatile Lantern Rope: 420 poly,
Small & Tiny Andon: 451 poly,
Festive Hanging Lantern: 605 poly,
Round Festive Hanging Lantern: 605 poly,
Oval Festive Hanging Lantern: 605 poly,
Slant Versatile Lantern Rope: 614 poly,
Wall Bracket: 618 poly,
Riddle Lantern Add-On: 709 poly,
Silk Table Lantern: 720 poly,
Larger Versatile Lantern Rope: 856 poly,
Smaller Toro: 1227 poly,
Larger Toro: 1231 poly,
Hanging Wood& Paper Lantern: 1278 poly,
Lucky Shrine Light: 1410 poly,
Little House Lantern Add-On: 1812 poly

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Blender, Compressorizer