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Bloodline Control Cheat Interactions

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2022 at 9:03 PM
Updated: 4th Sep 2022 at 6:48 AM
Update log:

Requires XML Injector

Works for both the one set of EA Bloodlines as well as my custom ones.

People no longer seem to be having issues with MAL22's Trait Tracker injector, so I hadn't quite been prioritizing figuring out the cheats for newer bloodlines.

However, I've come to understand the storytelling aspect to it. Sometimes you might want a Sim to already have a bloodline even though you created them five seconds ago because that's just how the character is meant to be, and I see that now.

So, might as well put them all in one place. Of course, this will need updating if/when new Bloodlines become a thing.

This mod contains cheat interactions that will thus enable you to control exactly which bloodline, and at what level, your Sim has for each Occult, so it's compatible with any random hybrids you're playing with as well.

To access them, shift-click on your active Sim.

Things you can do with these cheat interactions:
  • Add a Weak, Strong, or Ancient bloodline to your Sim for a specific Occult type.
  • Remove any Bloodline already assigned, by Occult type

So basically, say you give one of your Sims an Ancient Vampire Bloodline. If you open the cheat interactions again, the only option you'll get for them on Vampire Bloodlines would be to remove the bloodline, regardless of its level. Since the Weak/Strong/Ancient Bloodlines of each specific Occult conflict amongst themselves, there's no need for that one to get more specific.

However, say you assign that Sim an Ancient Vampire Bloodline and a Weak Spellcaster Bloodline. Now you'll have the option to remove Vampire Bloodline or remove Spellcaster Bloodline. It's separated by Occult, so you can control it with more ease and clarity, especially if you're dealing with a Sim that has multiple Occult bloodlines.

Important details:
  • These interactions won't work if you don't already have the bloodlines installed.
  • Trying to add a bloodline you do not have installed can cause LEs and should not be attempted
  • Due to the way cheat interactions work, you need to perform these on your active Sim. It won't work on other Sims unless you control them.

...technically speaking it might be possible to nest them as continuation and push that to the targetsim but considering the total amount of actions it did not seem viable to me and my already-shaky attention span.

Now, which bloodlines are included?

Control for Spellcaster Bloodlines requires the Realm of Magic GP and no other mods.

Control for Vampire Bloodlines requires the Vampires GP and my Vampire Bloodlines.

Control for Mermaid Bloodlines requires the Island Living EP and my Mermaid Bloodlines.

Control for Alien Bloodlines requires the Get to Work EP, my Alien Bloodlines, and, if you want the Brain Power version, Nyx's Enhanced Aliens.

Control for Werewolf Bloodlines has separate pie menus for both bloodline types: either SP's Werewolf Mod or Nyx's, and one for EA Werewolves that requires that new GP. Requires your chosen version(s) of my Werewolf Bloodlines, see details over there.

Control for PlantSim Bloodlines requires my PlantSim Bloodlines.

Control for Skeleton Bloodlines requires the Jungle Adventure GP as well as my Skeleton Bloodlines.

Control for Servo Bloodlines requires the Discover University EP and my Servo Bloodlines.

I reiterate, remember not to try to use control on any bloodlines you don't have installed since it could cause LEs.



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