Nouk - Braids 'n Curls for ladies of all ages!

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Uploaded: 26th Oct 2007 at 12:25 AM
Nouk - Braids 'n Curls for ladies of all ages!
Curls or braids? Braids or curls? How about just both!
I used to wear this haircut as a child, and now I made it for your lady sims of all ages!

- All ages
- 8 colors, 2 families
- vertices: 4245 faces: 5550 (Not for slow machines!)

- You may not use this on paysites in any way.
- You may upload, mesh and all, with whole sims on 100% free sites.
- Recolors and retextures always welcome, you may upload with mesh, on 100% free sites.


Credits for pictures:
- I don't remember where the outfit is from... but thanks to the creator!
- Sim available on


xxx Nouk

Polygon Counts:
vertices: 4245 faces: 5550

Additional Credits:
Wes_H for his brilliant tools!
Hysterical Paroxysm for inpiration, even if she don't know it lol.