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Horse Drawn Neighborhood Vehicles

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 10th Feb 2008 at 11:42 PM
Updated: 24th May 2009 at 12:37 PM - Added new options
Horse Drawn Neighborhood Vehicles

If you play in a Victorian neighborhood or an other neighborhood of past days it is a little bit strange to watch all the cars and the traffic in the streets caused by modern vehicles.
Here is a set of horse drawn vehicles. It overrides all cars that move in the streets. I finally took the time to pick together all the resources and built the packages replacing the meshes of the existing cars. You'll not find them in the catalog.

These vehicles are tested on several days and they worked without problems.
I apologize for the quality of the screenshots but it was impossible to zoom in more.

Enjoy this set if you like it.

More Options (2008-02-17)

Do you want to see horse drawn vehicles, only riders, maybe no vehicle at all or a mixture of all of them? It's now up to you. Here are the tools.

No traffic in neighborhood view:
Install the packages of "NoNH-traffic.rar" in your downloads folder. It will create a subfolder "NoNH-traffic".

Riders in neighborhood view:
Install the packages of "riders.rar" in your downloads folder. It will create a subfolder "Riders".

You can mix all the different vehicles. The package names are the same for each type of vehicle. So you can overwrite those types you don't want to see by a rider or an invisible type. As some vehicles become visible more often than others you can make your personal choice. For this procedure it should be a good idea to expand the *.rar-files to a different folder of your hard disc. Then move the file you want to use to your downloads folder.

Be sure to have only one package of each type of vehicle in your downloads!

Technical remarks:
You need Nightlife for this collection of vehicles.
Not all of these vehicles are base game compatible, but they don't corrupt your game and not every car is replaced by the new type if you use them in the base game.
The meshes are as simple as possible to show a rather nice shape while keeping the function.
Of course this is a nice addition for the game but not essential for game play.

Extract the RAR-file to your downloads folder. It will create a subfolder containing all types of vehicles for the neighborhood. To get rid of them and have the originals back in your game simply delete this subfolder (Rural-NH-vehicles).

Description of the vehicle types:

Original Garbage Truck: replaced by a transporter of logs, 4 wheels, 2 horses
Original Junker Car: replaced by an open cart, 2 wheels, 1 horse
Original Minivan: replaced by a harvest cart, 4 wheels, 2 horses
Original Pickup Truck: replaced by a transport cart, 4 wheels, 2 horses
Original Police Car: replaced by an open cart, 2 wheels, 1 horse
Original Sedan Car: replaced by a closed coach, 4 wheels, 2 horses
Original Sportscar: replaced by an open coach, 4 wheels, 2 horses
Original Taxi: replaced by a hansom cart, 2 wheels, 1 horse
Original White Van: replaced by a transportation cart, 4 wheels, 2 horses

Maximum number of faces: 1480; maximum number of vertices: 1916
Most of the vehicles have much less than that amount of faces and vertices.

All meshes handmade by me.

Polygon Counts:
hexameter-nh-garbagetruck.package: 996
hexameter-nh-junker.package: 838
hexameter-nh-minivan.package: 886
hexameter-nh-pickup.package: 874
hexameter-nh-policecar.package: 666
hexameter-nh-sedan.package: 1480
hexameter-nh-sportscar.package: 1228
hexameter-nh-taxi.package: 1042
hexameter-nh-whitevan.package: 852

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Numenor for his BaseGameStarter. I tested this set with his tools.
Quaxi and the other creators/developers of SimPE