[Recolorable] - Maxis Modular Stairs - I

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Uploaded: 24th Aug 2009 at 7:43 PM
Updated: 6th Feb 2018 at 10:21 PM
After a recent post I realized that I had other modular stairs that I had made recolorable, only they hadn't made it out of my downloads folder. These are all stairs I really like the style of, just not so much the color. This is a variety download of four different modular stairs from different EPs made recolorable. No script is required, they will override the current stairs.

Each stair has an added BHAV so that the first tile under the top step can be used by Sims, so you can place a door there that would be hidden.

Chic Stairs
Base Game. Includes the beach white recolor and the fence.

UNI Indestructible Concrete Stairs

OFB Euro Stairs
The White stairs are the recolorable ones Ignore my failed M&G recolor

OFB Storybook Stairs
The Purple stairs are the recolorable ones

* Place in your downloads folder. There is no need for a script file since this is overriding the original steps.
* To remove and have the default non-recolorable stairs back just delete my file from your downloads folder.

To Use:
* Place stairs normally
* Use Recolor tool to recolor individual stairs - if having difficulty with 2nd step, go down one floor.

To Recolor:
* In Object Workshop, select Open, select my mesh, then select Recolor.

Polygon Counts:
All Polys are the same as the original ones.
Chic Fence Rail/Diag Rail - 1784
Stairs - 96 (step only) -1006 (step w/two rails) These vary based on the step/rail combination used.

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[Recolorable] - Maxis Modular Stairs - III

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