3 Extended windows for thicker walls

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2010 at 7:14 AM
Updated: 9th Jun 2012 at 3:15 PM
Updated for Pets and patch 1.31 and tested in game

Yes I think the walls looks too thin and the windows don't look so good in the game. After experimenting with arches I tried the same with windows and found it works. HereĀ“s the difference between EA's original and the extended one.

I found it much more good looking. From the outside you can't see any change at all.

I tried to add some slots in the window for placing of some objects as flowers and from inside it looks very good. The problem is that the objects placed there falling outside the window when looking from the outside. So I just rejected the idea.

I did the same with the colonial window, which I think is good for castles and the French Arch Window which is a 2-tile window. It works also.

I've been testing these in game and don't found any problems but who know? Let me know if it doesn't work or give problems.


Just extract and put in your package folder.
Uninstall - just remove.

This is standalone objects and dont replace anything.

Single Window: 80$
Colonial: 95$
French: 195$

Polygon Counts:
Single window: 300 vertices and 146 faces
Colonial: 610 vertices and 334 faces
French: 853 vertices and 733 faces.

Additional Credits:
I thank the developers of S3OC and S3PE and all the autors of different tutorials here and there.