Communication Equipement from great-grandfather...

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Uploaded: 6th Aug 2010 at 6:09 PM
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I saw this kind of bell of a house and came to think that they were of great significance in earlier times, before there were telephones and the Internet. On many farms were such that to call when work would begin and end, when it was resting. There they also used to alert and attract attention and provide information. It was not easy to reach people in those days.
I decided to make my own, or one for my Sims ...

This bell is of a type that was used more on schools and mission buildings, fire stations, etc.. In many places they still are and is a nice, decorative element.

Both files are quite large because I have made them quite rich in detail. You can find them among the roof decorations in the game.

Sometimes you must use the "moveobjects on" to move the bell once placed, but not always. I don't know why, but have a try!

The Farmer Bell, well I call it so, haave three recolorable channels, you can also change the bell and the rooster but on the Mission Style Bell, the colorand texture on the bell and rooster is fixed. There is only three channels and I had to choose.

Well, I hope someone has the use of these.

Sorry, you must have Destination World to use these, but if you haven't - have a try. Maybe it works without DW, maybe your computer still works after your experimenting.

The Farmer Bell cost 455$ and the Mission 555$.

Polygon Counts:
Farmer: 2354 verices and 2490 faces
Mission: 2585 vertices and 2080 faces

Additional Credits:
My credits go to Inge and Peter Jones for S3OC and S3PE and all the autors of different tutorials.
And thank you EA for the rooster on the Mission style Bell Tower. The other one have I made myself.