Two timekeepers for your sims

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Uploaded: 11th Jul 2010 at 10:24 AM
Updated: 10th Jul 2010 at 11:55 PM
I missed a decoration for my garden and I realize that I missed the sundial. They are very common where I live and my sims must also have one of these in their gardens. Of cource they give that little extra to every garden and plazas around. I do think they will be fine for medival buildings too.

In the file you find two types of sundials, the traditional sundial, to the left, and the armillary type, which is the common type here.
The traditional one is a very old type and can be found in many types.

The armillary sundial, it was the first I made, I cloned from the flammingo, without thinking of the special behavior with that object, the flammingo is "kickable" which mean that evil sims can also kick the sundial. I don't know why but the mailman are often kicking the sundial. Maybe she don't want the sims to realize that she's coming too late with the post! I can stand this behavior but maybe I shall correct it with another clone?

I haave now change the cloned object so no sims can now kick the sundial.

If you observe the time in your game when placing the traditional sundial and turn it around you can have it show the time correct.

The traditional sundial have two recolorable channels and the armillary three. You find the sundials among the other statues in the catalog. They both cost 200$.

The idea and the meshes are of cource my own.

Polygon Counts:
The Traditional Sundial have732 vertices and 436 polygons and
the Armillary Sundial 1661 vertices and 1396 polygons.

Additional Credits:
My credits for the devolepers of S3OC and s3pe, MTS and all the marvelleous autors to different tutorials here and there. Without it I couln't make anything at all for the Sims.