Skriva Scurvy, The Local Crazy

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2011 at 12:49 PM
Updated: 2nd Jan 2011 at 2:52 AM - Fixing upload and all that jazz :)
Meet Skriva.
There are some people in life that you forget.
She is not one of them.

Skriva is prepared. For what? For everything. Particularly the zombie apocalypse. You see, she knows that if a head is not entirely topped with soft, yummy hair, it will not be as appetizing for a zombie in search of brains. So she shaved half of it. Likewise, she knows that zombies HATE bright colors-- especially the color purple-- more than anything in the world. Don't ask why she knows that. She just does.

Skriva also keeps herself equipped with handy-dandy goggles. Who knows if they are nightvision, heatseeking, or somehow both; she never, ever takes them off. They help her to be more aware of potential threats, be they living or dead.
Skriva knows that the less you wear, the less you have to get caught on fence posts when trying to make an escape.
Skriva keeps her house well equipped with knives, chainsaws, swords, axes, inventions, fire extinguishers, and washing machines. She is known to occasionally scribble her thoughts all over the wall. Skriva also has developed a bad habit of "picking up" things that she believes will aid her in her survival.


She likes electronica, hot dogs, and purple.


Note: Skriva is packaged with Default Hair + Skin, so you'll need to change her hair yourself, please! You'll also want to fix her last name, because right now it's "S_FINAL" or something silly like that, and I'm sure we all want her to have the proper last name of Scurvy.

Hair by Club Crimsyn
Goggles by Snakelegs
Skintone Replacement (Barbie) and Eyes Replacement by Club Crimsyn
Girly Tattoos by Traelia
Eyeshadow by Emmzx
Femme Fatale Liner by Arisuka
Whipped Cream Lipstick by HP

Gaga-inspired Clothes by Lorianda here
Formal: Gaga Oh La la! One-shoulder Outfit here AND Heart earrings here by Anubis, + Shoes by M. Calero here
Athletic: Gaga Oh La la! Bra top by Anubis here