A Better Washroom Door

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Uploaded 4th Jan 2011 at 6:51 PM

Ever find yourself building a nice fancy social spot for your sims, and instead of having...ya know...a normal looking washroom door, you have to slap down that stupid looking door with the big awkward picture on it? The EA washroom doors are nice for more industrial, cheaper settings but look weird when used in more classier environments.

After a little fiddling around in TSRW, I was able to come up with the A Better Washroom Door set. I looked for the most basic, universal door and put little "Ladies" and "Mens" signs on it to signify its a washroom door. The signs are in Simlish, of course, but you can tell which is which by looking at the plaques.

The doors have the proper gender bias. Meaning, males will not go through the female doors and vice versa.

The doors have 4 recolorable channels: Door frame, main door, door-knob and metal plaque. I sacrificed the ability to color both sides of the door differently for more customization of the look of the door. The little metal plaque on the top of the door is on both sides, so you can freely choose which side to have the door handles.

Both doors are found under Build -> Doors in Community Mode, just like the originals, for 125 simoleons. I do not have the hack to use them on residential lots because...well..why would you need that? Feel free to convert to residential use if you must.

You will need WA or any EP after that. The base game does not come with the gender bias doors.

Additional Credits:
Armiel, and others in #create who tested the door for me.

Made with TSRW.

Simlish font by SIMale

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