Crestview Gardens Appartment Complex

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Crestview Gardens Appt. Complex

A spacious two bedroom appartment, fit to suit up to a family of three.

The Story of this Lot
This is an appartment that belongs to a single mother and her teenaged son. They have been driven to live in this house after the loss of their home in a disaster and a marital crisis. Times are rough for the both of them, and when they came to Crestview, all they had was their furnature. Together, they filled the rooms and set up the appartment better then the either of them could believe. They still live in the shadow of their past, but their everyday lives become better and better as the days drag on.

Layout and Design
This is an appartment complex lot. The lot contains 8 units, 7 of which are NPC inhabited. The unit that your sims will inhabit is the 3rd unit on the second floor. This unit is a medium sized, single floor appartment. The stairs lead up to a huge living space, with many couches and a huge TV. The Dining Room and kitchen can be entered from this area. The Master Bedroom is sparsely furnatured, but includes everything you need. There is also two "closets" in the room. The smaller room is decorated for a teenaged boy, but can easily changed to fit whomever it may inhabit. There is a desk with computer, two dressers, a boombox, a telephone, and "closet" included with standard bedroom furnature. The bathroom has a toilet, tub, and sink.

How to Edit This Lot
This lot includes build elements that render it un-editable without the use of cheats. To lift the restrictions, the following cheats are needed, and should be typed into the Cheat console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C, the cheat, and then enter. Enter each code as shown.

testingCheatsEnabled true
rbbb false

The Lot Size Mixup

Custom Content
To ensure the quality of the lot, some objects are required to be downloaded. This content is NOT included in the package and MUST be downloaded for the lot to appear exactly as shown in the screenshots!

Creators Content:

1. The One More Slot Package by granthes *Highly Recomended, Awesome Object In General!*

2. Shelf Clutter Pack by cmomoney

3. 10 New Sim-Realistic Posters for your sim! by kopple36

4. Wedded Bliss - 3 Romantic Conversions from NL and CS by Purple Paws

EA Store Content:
Note:These objects are nice accents to the house, but I would not suggest you go out and buy them just to get this download to look EXACTLY like the screenies. If you do not aquire these items, they will be replaced with default EA content. Please note that most of these store items belong to bigger store collections.

1. Morris Wide Curtain

2. Butt-Grooveless Arm Chair

3. Wall of Greats

4. Pallas Bookshelf

5. Reach for the Heavens (Plant)

6. "Terra" Plant *FREE*

7. Das BrauenMeister

8. I Love Me Mirror

9. Loner Comfort Single Bed

10. Chester's Tall Drawers

Lot Size: 20 x 42

The Prices:
Lot Price Furnished: 42,882
Lot Price Unfurnished: 4,258

Custom Content Included:
- Caspar David Friedrich - Caroline at the Window by Mystic25 @ MTS
- ATS3 Bed Companion - Books #1 by By Sandy @ Around The Sims 3

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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