African Pattern Pack: Nine patterns inspired by African textiles

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Uploaded: 18th Feb 2012 at 5:19 AM
Updated: 19th Feb 2012 at 12:47 PM - Added smaller version of patterns in response to a request
I don't know if anyone else will have a use for these, but one of the things I love to see when I travel in Africa is the incredible variety of different fabrics, and it seemed like some of the patterns would translate well to the Sims. The motifs in the larger version of the set are quite bold/large in order to keep them in scale on clothing, so while they work well on rugs, etc, they don't always work well on couches and the like. That said, I think some of them are quite nice for the general look, and I think they look good in both the standard bright colors and some less saturated combinations for different types of decor.

NOTE: There is now a second package with SMALL versions of the patterns (half size from the original.) The smaller size is more appropriate for things like bedspreads and furniture. Thanks to QBUILDERZ for suggesting that I add a small version.

The preset colors for the small version are the same as for the larger versions. The only change to any of the patterns (other than size) was to re-draw the safari pattern with the elephants and giraffes -- if I tried to just reduce it, I ended up with all kinds of ugly pixellated artefacts in the design. So that one may be slightly different than the larger version, but not much.

There are nine patterns in the set. They'll appear in the 'Fabrics' section of the catalog, and all of them have four channels for your CASting pleasure.

I realize there are many, many more types of textiles in Africa, and I realize these are not 100% authentic. I wish I had the time and ability to do justice to all the beautiful real-life designs. But I wanted to create something inspired by the wax cloth looks of the West African countries where I primarily travel, as well as couple of "safari" type designs for a more "themed" look.

Hope at least one other person finds them useful!

Additional Credits:
Created with Delphy's Pattern Packager. CC in the screenshots includes: EA Store hair "Modern Braids," EA store hair "Silk Wrap," EA Store dress "Beautiful Blossom" and walls by Luna Sims. Designed with basic Photoshop brushes and a couple of extras from