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No autonomous kisses as greeting/goodbye

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Uploaded: 28th Apr 2013 at 4:32 AM
Updated: 17th Jan 2016 at 12:01 AM
Are you sick and tired of Sims autonomously kissing when they greet or say bye to other Sims? Do you have Cyjon's StopKissingMe mod but feel it is not quite enough? This mod might be just the thing! Sims will no longer kiss other Sims when saying hello or bye regardless of their relationship status. Finally you can have slow moving relationships, secret crushes or simply shy Sims that aren't the kind of pixels that do things that way.

I've personally always been annoyed at this autonomous action, because it makes it such a hassle to have a Sim secretly like another, or just have a relationship where things don't get physical for a long time. I tried to find a mod that would fix it, but it just did not exist. The closest thing was Cyjon's StopKissingMe that only allows kisses with crush/love status, but that wasn't quite enough for me so I finally decided to take things into my own hands.

Because Cyjon so kindly allows people to use his code for whatever they want, I have gone ahead and edited his mod to completely remove kissing from the greeting/goodbye repertoire. Full credit to him for the actual coding and original work, I have merely gone in and made a few changes to make it work as I want it to.

Note that this mod does not affect the date-end scenario. I'd love to include that, but I don't know how to. You can work around it by saying bye instead of using end date, or make sure the active sim is busy doing something when you end the date and you can cancel the kiss.

It has been play tested by me and ttowntallyho, and so far no problems have arisen.

That should be all. I hope this helps all you others out there that share my frustration over this autonomous action. Let me know if you find any problems with the mod =)

I have listed NL as the required EP, but you do not have to have NL. It is the lowest EP that this mod requires to work, but it will also work if you have any of the later EPs. It is compatible with all EPs and SPs, but you must have NL or higher for it to work.

Conflicts with Cyjon's mod, so you have to pick between mine and his.

Also conflicts with Squinge's Less romantic greet & goodbye. Squinge's mod does the same as Cyjons, making Sims only kiss if they have crush/love status, but also includes hugging. You'll have to pick between my mod or Squinge's. If you'd like to use the hugging part of his mod, but my kissing part, make my mod load after his. Thank you Essa for pointing out this conflict.

Cyjon - For his generous policy regarding his work, and for creating the original mod. If you aren't familiar with Cyjon, you should go take a look at his site as he has a lot of brilliant things (link: http://drupal.cyjon.net/node/42)
ttowntallyho - For so kindly helping me play test this mod and for doing it so extensively. Thank you!

Additional Credits:
Cyjon for the original mod that I edited. SimPE for giving me the program to edit with.