(UPDATE: 5-JAN-2016) New and Improved Eiffel Tower (Non-CaSTable)

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2014 at 2:51 PM
Updated: 5th Jan 2016 at 9:07 AM - Translation added


Brand new and improved version of the object. Please remove ANY of the older versions
To users of NRaas Woohooer: You'll need both the latest testing versions of Woohooer and the Woohooer Eiffel Tower module to have the Woohooer mod's control and features when sims woohoo in this new version of the tower, the previous versions only work with the previous versions of the tower.
Also all translations (except for Japanese/Swedish/Chinese/Russian) need updating.

5-JAN-2016: Russian translation updated by optimuspraim14

  • Fix for sims getting stuck in the elevator when carrying toddlers/babies.
  • Toddler and babies now ride the elevator for free.
  • Non default replacement version of the tower uploaded.
  • Tower can be placed on using Edit Town's World Editor Do so at your own risk though, since whether or not the tower functions properly if placed outside of an actual lot has yet to be fully tested!

27-JUN-2015: Chinese translations (zh-CN and zh-TW) updated by egureh

20-JUN-2015: (Description page has been fully updated with all the new changes)
  • New and improved tower which basically combines all 3 old versions into one. Sims can now visit and eat at any one of the 3 levels of the tower, and thanks to the awesome AussomeDays sims can enter the tower through entrances at the feet of the tower (that may or may not be totally invisible, but sure beats them warping up into it from the center of the lot!) Do check out AussomeDays's CaSTable version of the tower AND the Arc de Triomphe, since the only thing better to put in your town than a plan old French monument has to be a plain old French monument decked out in all the polka dots and zebra stripes you could ever want!
  • Swedish translation updated by letrax, thanks!

Object Description

World Adventures provided us with the Eiffel Tower as a buyable debug object, but those of you who've tried placing it would have noticed that it is purely decorative. It was originally intended for the tower to function as a Restaurant rabbithole and EA DID include all the code for it, but chose not to implement any of it sadly. Taking and tweaking the existing code, I bring to you the New and Improved Eiffel Tower with functional interactions!

This is a default replacement of the Eiffel Tower from World Adventures, with all its original interactions enabled (and some more added) ready to be used by your sims! (It was originally a clone of the original object, but the file size of the resulting mod was way too big). It can be found in the following Buy and Build mode sections:

Buy Mode: buydebug > Misc
Build Mode (Community lots only): Community Objects/Buildings and Others


From left: Low, Middle and Top Observation decks (NOTE: You may need a mod that increases camera zoom to be able to zoom up to the upper two level of the tower)
  • The tower has 3 levels (observation decks) which sims can visit using the elevator (costs money) or the stairs (free and builds athletic skill). Frisky sims will be pleased to find Woohoo is of course possible at all three levels as well

Sims Woohoing in the Top Level of the Eiffel Tower (NOTE: The woohoo petals don't always appear even though they are supposed to)
  • The tower acts as a Bistro rabbithole and sims can dine and get drinks at any of the 3 levels as well (elevator, meal and drink costs differ by level). All the functionality of a regular Bistro rabbithole is also available to sims, such as taking Cooking and Mixology classes and working in the Culinary career and looking for diving work (with Island Paradise). Sims that eat or get a drink in the tower on a date get an extra relationship boost thanks to the good view.
  • If you have Generations installed, school field trips can held in the tower as well. There are 2 possible potential souvenirs from the trip that differ from the one from the bistro.
  • There is no obvious entrance to the tower, so sims will 'enter' the rabbithole from a spot in the middle of the ground where the object stands
    Thanks to AussomeDays the tower has 4 new "entrances" at each of its feet for sims to enter the tower. She has provided a tutorial at the download page for her CaSTable version of the tower on how to build "proper"-like entrances to the tower using walls and doors if watching sims phase through the foundation walls of the tower's feet really bothers you.
  • Sims will receive the 'Wondrous View' moodlet (which is an existing in-game moodlet) after spending a certain amount of time visiting, eating or drinking at the Eiffel Tower (but not when working or taking classes).
    The original moodlet is now replaced with a custom version that has different strengths, durations and matching icon colors and description depending on how good of a view the sim is getting (i.e. at which level they are at).


The Eiffel Tower is a HUGE object (slightly larger than the size of a 64x64 lot) and may need the moveobjects on cheat to be placed. On smaller lots, try to avoid having any of the feet of the tower cover too much of any sidewalks or paths outside the lot or sims might get stuck there.

Technical Notes:

Winter night shot of the Eiffel Tower in Champs Les Sims, with the distant terrain Eiffel Tower in the background.

End Notes

New version created and tested on patch 1.67. Should work on lower patches as well even since I'm guessing this portion of the code hasn't been touched by EA at all since they chose not to use it, but cannot completely guarantee it.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, problems, want to offer a translation. If you want to use the custom Eiffel Tower script to make say an Eiffel Tower rabbithole rug or door or something go ahead (would appreciate a shout out)!

For Translators:

Additional Credits:

HUGE THANKS to AussomeDays: Not only for the original idea to combine the 3 levels into one object, for providing the necessary entrance slots to the tower and the moodlet icons AND let's not forget her fantastic recolorable versions of the Eiffel Tower and all the other EA rabbitholes!

EA: For the original code

Peter & Inge Jones : S3PE Kolipoki and Buzzler : Object Modding tutorial

Nona : How to inject an interaction with a pure script mod tutorial (Where this mod, and all my subsequent modding endeavors started)

Jynx : Rabbithole rug tutorial without which the original object would still be useless

letrax (also for answering my question on string overriding - at least I assume it was you?), egureh, MariTom, Luktop, Occultine, Nigdog, Gaspar418, pekesims, Alexiya, Teelix, Misling, quir98 : Translations